January 12th, 2007


Dr. Who

So, I don't watch Dr. Who regularly-- I cop to *hating* the old ones, which my beloved former roommate Hamlet tried to foist on me regularly until I finally, gently, told him I just was never going to love them like he did; but I actually like the new ones I've caught from time to time. I just never quite got sucked in. Too much else to watch, I guess.

Anyway, point being, even with that very limited exposure, when I ended up watching the recent two-parter season finale with one of my housemates, it absolutely broke my heart. Both a well-written and tenderly performed dilemma (and SUCH wonderful scoring), and even in small doses, I totally loved both the Doctor and Rose Tyler.

If you felt the same way, hie thee over to the Television Without Pity recap of those eps. I clicked on it out of curiosity while going to read recaps of shows I watch more regularly, because TWoP's stock in trade is snarky, nitpicky humor and I wondered, perversely, whether they'd be any gentler on that episode, or just savage it like they do most other shows.

I was really surprised to find the recap was not only *not* mean, it was downright lyrical. A love letter from an articulate and deeply moved viewer. It made me tear up all over again. So go...it's a great read.
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Passage To India

One of my recent quirky indulgences has been flipping on the International Music Feed channel during their "Passage to India" show, in which they play Indian rock videos (well, and some Middle Eastern as well).

Sometimes this pays off nicely, like the night I got turned on to Apache Indian's bhangra-influenced reggae by "Om Numah Shivaya", or to Shaswati's remixes. And the videos are almost always spectacular eye candy, with a lot of classically-influenced dancing and drenched in color.

And then...well, let's just say that the Indian New Kids On The Block are every bit as annoying as the original, even if they do have a guy dressed as Shiva and some pretty scenery. Also, there's really nothing quite like watching the Balle Balle Boys, when you don't speak the language and therefore can't understand the lyrics, hip-hopping out in Spiderman suits and turbans to try to gain entry into the young women's hotel full of hot negligee-clad girls (and of course, the requisite fat, homely killjoy...) which if I remember correctly had a sign on it that said something like "Hot Girls Hotel" or something equally subtle.

Or a video by The Aryans, which featured a fairly cute and 50's-flavored storyline about a guy working in a coffee bar who falls in love with a beautiful and somewhat spoiled-seeming regular; it was kind of charming, even to the "oopsie!" coy shot of the girl's skirt being blown up enough to get a quick glimpse of demure white panties, but then all of the sudden it turns creepy, as the barrista begins amassing a secret collection of her lipstick-stained, discarded cups-- which when she discovers it, does not cause her to take out a protection order, but simply to smile pretty and imprint his cheek with a lip print similar to those upon the stalkeriffic tower of skanky used coffee cups in front of them.

Because, you know, girls LIKE it when guys obsess over them to the point of stealing and saving their trash. It's so cute and, you know, psychotic.

I've got a deep and inexpressible love for Bollywood in general, fueled partly by the fascination of one who only partly gets what's going on in those movies. I absolutely adore the big splashy musical numbers-- because I think every movie is improved by the cast bursting into song and dance regardless of where it was made-- and I love the exuberant trashiness of the hastily-made stuff, the epic length of most of them (three hours or more!), and as in these videos as well, the frequent overlap between traditional music and clothing and modern, often Western influences. Shrines and goddesses and sacred iconography just seem to soak into the fabric of even the raciest, most modern videos, and that fascinates me too.

Here's what I definitely don't get: Most of the women in the music videos (many of whom are breathtakingly gorgeous models & dancers, lip-syncing while the older and not as stunning singers are discreetly banned from the screen), when dressed in modern clothes, wear stuff that by all measures is pretty daring. Slutty, even. (Not that I have a *problem* with slutty, of course!) Much of the dancing is equally racy, some of it even homoerotic. And yet, when there's a kiss-- it's still coyly hidden behind something, out of direct view! I wonder if that's a nod to the tradition of Bollywood cinema, or if that's still more taboo than acres of bare skin writhing erotically...?

Anyway, it's been a good way to pick up on new world music I wouldn't otherwise get to hear, and it reinforces my desire to go to India someday.
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Gamer Girl

A New Gamer Movie!

So today on AOL or AIM or one of those, I see a link to watch a movie online-- a GAMER movie.

I've been sort of out of touch with a lot of the LARP network for a while, so maybe this has been hyped and talked to death and everyone knew about it but me and I'm the dork who's just finding out about it now. Oh well. Anyway, here's the main site:

Darkon, a documentary about LARP

The blurbs I was reading about it sound pretty cool-- it seems like the filmmaker is trying to take a reasonably balanced and humane look at the hobby and not be all, "look at the stupid freaks!" like so many media accounts I've seen.

(Incidentally, does anyone have a link to the "pasty and intense" article? I promised to look for it for someone...)

Haven't watched it yet, but I will, and will try to make sure to review it here when I do.
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