January 22nd, 2007

My Power

Words of Advice To Job Hunters, From The Other Side Of The Table

At work, in my department, we are currently hiring for three positions.

(which would be an advertisement to send in your resume, except I can pretty well guarantee you that you cannot live on what they will pay, and there is NO negotiation-- they WILL decide against hiring you if you try to haggle. just to take care of those questions up front.)

Anyway, so I have become the central repository for all the resumes that come in, which means I get to read through all of them, and I've been fairly heavily involved in the interview process not just for these, but for the positions we recently filled. It's also not the first time I've been involved in interviewing in a job I've had, either participating on rounds of interviews or being the person to select and conduct the initial screening interviews and recommending who gets seen after that. Or, in my outside projects, handling the casting process from start to finish.

So I've evolved in my head certain helpful guidelines that I often wish I could share with applicants to jobs where I'll be part of the interviewing; but instead, for your benefit, I shall share them here with you. Hopefully they will be useful to someone.

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So, you may be wondering, what will get an interviewer's attention in a POSITIVE way? Well, here are some suggestions. I'm not an HR professional, but people like me are deciding your resume's fate every day.

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So, yeah. There you have it. Some of my tried and true, super patented, from the interviewer side of the table perspectives on the job hunt. Ah, all the trade secrets are out. ;-)
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