January 30th, 2007

Buddha Whoop

Mystic Pigs, Alcoholic Monkies, and You: A Filmstrip

Mystic Pig is strange and wise.

I asked Mystic Pig (didn't save the code, sorry), "Will I resolve my money issues this year?" since that is a goal of mine.

Mystic Pig sez, "Not in the way you expect."

I, unwilling to be Buddha'ed about thus, press further, "In what way then?"

Sez Mystic Pig, "A suffusion of yellow."

I have no idea what that means.

But it's entertainingly mysterious enough for me to let it go at that. =) Maybe he means I should start selling WoW gold on eBay? ;-)

Mystic Pig also says he can't tell me anything about my next soulmate because he wouldn't want to ruin the surprise. Fine then. Be that way. Stupid all-knowing piggie.

In other news, I found a Mayan astrology/numerology website today. Not knowing anything really about Mayan esotericism, I have no idea just how insanely bogus or crappy it might be, but it allowed me to avoid doing work, so it was all good. Apparently my glyph is Blue Electric Monkey. Which, is AWESOME. And also sounds like a really strong alcoholic drink. Which I of course would drink, because it would be *blue*.

I had a vague idea that I would get things done tonight, but I have not made to-do lists for the week, and it is proving far too easy to goof off in the absence of a personal dictate. Also there's some flavor of Law & Order on downstairs that compels me like the power of Christ.

Also, I just said "dictate". Heh heh hehehe heh heh.

I think I need some dinner.
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