January 31st, 2007

Pagan Lesbian

Polyamory...the sitcom

Check out this trailer: Polly & Marie, the sitcom pilot about polyamory. Apparently it's being shopped around for a TV home.

Not sure what I think...it was created by *actual* poly folk, so hopefully the implication in the trailers suggesting "poly=swingers who spend weekends at orgies" is just to catch attention & isn't really the show's point of view.

I kind of think it's cool that a project like this has gotten this far; it'd be nice to see a show I could relate to on that level. On the other hand I feel sort of protective towards polyness and want to shield it from the unwashed masses who would show clips of the show and screech like howler monkeys about the end of the world on Faux News.

And of course, there's the eye-rolling weariness of yet another TV-world where it's all pretty and perfectly dressed Barbies with McMansions and six figure jobs that aren't IT related playing vaguely naughty sex games and that's supposed to represent life, like the way all TV lesbians are high femme and model-gorgeous and all TV pagans are pretty goths shooting sparkles out of their fingertips.

How much you want to bet not ONE of the people in this show are depicted as pagan? Or highly tattooed? Or into BDSM? Or overweight? Or a computer geek? Or a gamer? I'm just saying, people-- demographics.

Ah well. I *want* it to be a great show. I just think I'll feel about it kind of the way I felt about all the teeniebopper girls who came into my friend's shop wanting to be REAL witches after seeing "The Craft".

On a related note, anyone catch the Loving More/polyamory mini-subplot going on in Studio 60? Again, kinda cool, still makes me kinda nervous.
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