February 7th, 2007

Film Geek


Quick announcement in case you didn't get my email (I think I got everyone, but there's always the chance I missed someone):

DVDs of "Nickel and DIE" are FINI. Done. Complete at last! And they are ready to be distributed. So if you worked on the project in even a small capacity, or contributed cash/resources to it, you will get a copy of the DVD.

If I see you socially, I can probably get you your copy in person. If you would like your copy mailed to you, please send me your current mailing address (email on my profile if you don't have it) because I don't think I have mailing addresses for the whole team.

My apologies for how long this has taken, and my deepest gratitude for your contribution to my first little film.


I wish desperately for a nap. Maybe three. But there's a bunch of stuff to do, dinner to make, a meeting to try to pop in on, and tomorrow I go to Arlington Independent Media to pay my membership and go to the introductory seminar. In a couple of weeks I'll be starting field and studio production classes there. Whee!

Getting lots done this week, making headway on various projects, and feeling pretty productive. All good stuff. I just want to stop being so damn *exhausted* all the time. Curse the snow for not being deep enough to warrant a snow day, just enough to make driving difficult!
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