February 11th, 2007

Larp Lady


I've been meaning to post this for a few days now...my bad. =(

Anyway, if you are free for part or all of next weekend (evening of the 16th, all day on the 17th, early in the day on the 18th), and you either like to LARP or have been intrigued by the possibility of trying it, and you live in or can get to the DC metro area, there is an AWESOME game going on (no, I'm not biased at all, why?) and the organizers could still use cast.

First selling point: Casting is FREE. Pay for lodging if you need a place to stay, and meals (fast food or gourmet is up to you), but that's the only expense. Those who stay at the hotel may be able to get free breakfasts, and everyone gets Saturday dinner provided.

The game is Drink Deep III, which, as the name suggests, is the third installment of what has proven to be an extremely popular and successful choose-your-own character LARP. So much so, that the first one grew to about 70 players with people signing up as late as they'd let them, and both sequels attracted a large percentage of their attendance simply through word of mouth and return players. The writers on this game are some of the same people who wrote the first one (the second one was inspired by a player from the first one who loved the game so much he decided to make another one happen!)

The setting comes from John Myers Myers' book Silverlock and, accordingly, the PCs are characters from literature and legend, history and (sometimes) pop culture, interacting in a world of imagination and story where all these characters coexist. Think of the Fables' kingdoms from the comic book series Fables, and how all those characters out of fairy tales and nursery rhymes interact together, and you have an idea how the game setting works. Past games have included characters like Death of the Endless, Charles Foster "Citizen" Kane/the biblical Caine, Daisy Buchanan, Randall Flagg, Ming the Merciless, Horatio Hornblower, Puff the Magic Dragon, Roland the Gunslinger, Tarzan and Jane, Dirk Gently, MIBs, Teddy Roosevelt, and Egil Skalligrimson.

Cast, in case you aren't familiar with the idea, are players who come in to do bit parts and cameos. They don't have one single role, but rather get assignments from the cast wrangler who gives them the info they need, maybe lets them costume a bit, and throws them at the players until the point of their being tossed in has finished. You might get to play famous characters, or you might be Third Urchin From The Left, but any given character's only going to be in for a short while anyway, so if you don't like one character, you can soon have a different one. Cast has been used to portray a PC's lost love, or to stage a song and dance Busby Berkeley number celebrating Citizen Kane (seriously, that happened), or to be street thugs harassing someone, to do any number of things.

You don't have to be a brilliant actor or highly experienced roleplayer or own tons of costuming to do this-- just an ability to take direction, a willingness to jump enthusiastically into a role, and a reasonably fertile ability to make-believe are the best qualifications. Casting is a great way to get your feet wet in LARP if you've never tried it, and a fun way to explore your own versatility if you're an experienced roleplayer. I'm playing the game this time around, but I *love* casting.

If you're within driving distance of Hagerstown, MD (where the game takes place-- info on the game's site) and you can only commit an evening, or one day, then you can just show up, have fun, and go home without it costing you a cent. If you'd want to do the whole weekend or your drive is a little bit long, and you're worried about housing or travel, drop a comment anyway. I'm not guaranteeing anything, but there's a chance people will have crash space or room in a carpool. Rooms are available at the hotel also-- the room block for the game has expired but I believe there's still space to make a reservation on your own.

Most importantly, it will be FUN. You will meet really cool people and have a reason to talk to them. You can play make-believe just like you were a kid again. You will work with a cast wrangler who is endlessly inventive, wonderfully wicked and twisted, and just a great person in general. If you're a fannish type, you will see characters from Neil Gaiman's works, from the Whedonverse (incl. Firefly), from Farscape, and maybe even become part of their stories. You will have the chance to sit up way too late partying after game shuts down for the night. And you will have the eternal gratitude of the very hard-working writers who are busy preparing a seriously kickass game with a major following in the DC area.

Are you *really* gonna tell me that sitting home and watching reruns on TV is gonna beat that? ;-)

Anyone who was involved in the last two DD's, if you feel inclined to back me up here about how awesome these games are-- or for that matter if you've been cast for DD or anything else and can attest to how fun it is-- please comment!

If you're interested in casting, or even think you might be but aren't sure, you can comment here, drop me an email, or email the GMs from the game website. I'm happy to answer any questions I can and to get answers for you when I can't.

As the lovely tazira so eloquently puts it on her LJ from time to time, DO EEEEEET. You know you want to DO EEEEEEEET. =)
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