March 13th, 2007

Film Geek

Help for a good guy

If you have a moment, please go to this site: and follow the link to go to his page for the upcoming reality show "On The Lot".

"On The Lot" is sort of "American Idol" for filmmakers. Jon badly wants to be on, but he needs people to view his sample movie, register (free), and vote for him in order for that to happen.

The sample movie, Signs, is a really cool and inventive short film that was born in the DC 48HFP a couple of years ago and has won several awards.

But the reason I'm posting this is that Jon is a *really* good guy, an incredibly hardworking artist and organizer who makes a lot of stuff happen for the local DC filmmaking community. He started the DC Film Salon where I first dipped my toes into the film scene here and started to meet people, and he started the DC Shorts Film Festival, which has been an amazing showcase for short films and is rising in prestige every year. He's been very generous with his time and talents to the local community, and even though I hate reality TV shows, I think he deserves the chance to get on this one since it is his dream.

It'll take you maybe ten minutes, and you can have the happiness of knowing that you did something to make someone's dream come true. =)

(hell, I'll even watch the show if someone I know is on it...and how cool to have someone from around here compete!)
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