March 22nd, 2007


mp3 Musings

Since getting my beloved mp3 player for Yule, I've been slowly-but-steadily adding music to it, usually while doing something else at the same time.

The result is that I've got over 3,000 songs on there now, probably close to another 2,000 or so in my collection still to load, and I've not quite managed to get around to making playlists yet. There are very few albums that I actually enjoy listening to all in one sitting, so mostly I keep it set on Random Play All.

This has actually been an interesting experiment for me, so I haven't been in a hurry to switch over to playlists despite having plans for a bunch of them. Namely, listening this way gently encourages me to listen to stuff I don't know as well or have forgotten about rather than just playing my current favorites over and over, and it's occasionally turned up a gem that I've instantly fallen in love with. There's a lot on there that was from a music gift/swap with deboranter, with whom I bond regularly over love of music especially obscure indie artists and world music, and a number of CDs I've loaded that I've owned for a while but never gotten around to listening to very much.

A few other things I've learned from this experiment:

1) It is entertaining in a surreal way to finish a George Carlin track with a particularly great punchline and go without a pause into the haunting opening wails of Dead Can Dance or Vas.
2) My mp3 player *must* have either a personality and accompanying preferences, or else it has an indweller, because out of a couple hundred or more artists it is a guarantee that every other track will be Louis Armstrong, Nine Inch Nails, Ella Fitzgerald, Dane Cook, George Carlin, or Tori Amos (but especially Louis)-- and I definitely don't have an unusually large representation of any one of those artists. I sort of imagine it has a head full of Ghede, one like kenazf's and latzoni's household Ghede Harvey Delcruccio, complete with Morningside Heights third-generation accent and curmudgeonly demeanor, and in my head this is the kind of exchange that goes on between me and it on the way to work every morning:

MP3 Player: Lissen ta this. [starts Louis Armstrong track] Best music inna world.
Me: I'm not in the mood for Louis today. How about Tapping the Vein? [me hits skip to next song]
MP3: Fuckin' emo bullshit! What is that crap? Here, you want dark? I like NIN.
Me: Christ, you played "The Hand That Feeds You" THREE TIMES yesterday. How many songs do I have on here again? [hits skip again]
MP3: I said I wanted ta lissen to Louis.
Me: No! [skip]
MP3: But it's my favorite song!
Me: Forget it!
MP3: How about Ella?
Me: How about I make some playlists and tell you what the fuck we're gonna hear from now on?
MP3: Do it, lazy bitch. I dare you. In the meantime, have some Tori. Damn, that girl can ride a piano bench!
Me: It's not even nine in the morning. I need coffee before I can listen to a song about rape.
MP3: But she's all, "So you can make me CUM that doesn't make you JEE HEE ZUSSS" and that makes me feel empowered and shit.
Me: You're not even a girl.
MP3: I'm pink!
Me: Screw you. [skip]
MP3: Girl power! I am woman, hear me roar!
Me: Do I have to turn on the radio instead?
MP3: Fine. Can we just lissen ta the one where Dane Cook calls it a chicken sangwich? That shit cracks me up. Then we can lissen ta one a yours.
Me: *sigh* Fine...

3) Random Play All makes for interesting inner soundtracks to life. I have a tendency to make up stories in my head about what I'm doing when I'm just walking someplace or otherwise doing something that doesn't require total concentration, and the music that pops up sometimes inspires whole new storylines. When I was getting off the Metro the other week coming back from class, there was an instrumental from some movie soundtrack or other that started as I hit the escalator. It was clearly the climax of a story, an escalating orchestration. Clearly I had struggled through obstacles and misunderstandings, realized what was really going on, and had turned back on the train racing against time in the hopes it wasn't too late. Tense music saw me through the turnstiles and out of the bridge-tunnel, where a lush passage bloomed into the Climactic Moment romantic music-- I look back and forth (in my mind), finally picking out of the crowd the one person I hoped to see, and our eyes meet-- and it crescendoed into Walking Towards Each Other And After A Hesitation And Searching Gaze, The Long Awaited Kiss music. The camera pans around us, illustrating our delirious joy, and the music slowly subsides into a gentler sound, ushering us off hand in hand towards the parking lot, silhouetted in the light of the street lamp as we fade to black. I think there was some Casablanca-esque spy stuff going on earlier in that movie, which I'm kind of sorry to have missed. =)

Other times I find myself striding in time to the World Bursts Into A Song And Dance Number soundtrack to this inner life as Moulin Rouge or City of Angels plays, and it's about all I can do to keep from shooting jazz hands at random passersby.


One of the songs that popped up recently that I suddenly and utterly adored was Annie Lennox's Thousand Beautiful Things which is...yeah. Awesome. There's also an Amikaeyla song, "Been So Long" that's been haunting me...can't find lyrics online for it but you can hear it at her link there.


Finally, confidential to evcelt: Someone on my flist mentioned liking a band that I had to recommend to you just because of the name-- The Judybats. Made me think of you. =)
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48HFP Update

So, just wanted to post a few brief updates about Team Suffusion of Yellow, now that some things have gotten settled and we're making progress.

First, I'm gonna be starting some fundraising efforts in the very near future. Our budget is nearly finalized so I'll post a target amount when I start shamelessly blegging here. More details to follow!

And on that note, I'm going to be shamelessly exploiting any resources I can find so if you have something unusual or useful-- access to a location, a collection of something, interesting costumes, connections to a flamenco troupe or a clown school or a motorcycle gang-- and you're willing to be available at a moment's notice that weekend, let me know. I might also be hitting you up. =)

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Anyway, so that's what's up with the competition right now. I'll definitely post more as the contest gets closer!
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