March 28th, 2007


In My Copious Free Time

I know what I want to do next in terms of learning something new: I really, really want to learn Occitan, or more specifically Languedocian, the dying language of the south of France and the language of the troubadours.

I found a couple of good websites and resources to start off with, but it seems like if I really want to learn I'd better brush up my French, because the most widely recommended text for learning Occitan is written in French and no translation seems to be available.

Partly I'm inspired by the endeavors of evcelt and ladysprite who undertook large translation projects of archaic texts; it's something I'd love to try my hand at.

But partly it's an extension of my infatuation with that area of the world...I would love to help preserve that piece of their culture...and to me the troubadour language *is* the original language of love.

You all out there have some random and unexpected connections in your networks...anyone know of reputable teachers of Occitan in the US? Or good resources?

Probably something to think about in July, when my busiest season is over and I am indolently lounging against the heat of summer. =)
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