April 6th, 2007

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Let the Blegging Begin!

As you are all inescapably aware by now, dear readers, I have entered a team in the Washington, DC 48 Hour Film Project, which will happen May 4-6, 2007. It will represent my first directorial effort, and it will be my third time participating in the competition. I'm worlds of excited about it and have been building a terrific team and the foundations of a lasting network of people and resources, which I plan to use to create an actual, real, thriving production company over the next couple of years.

You know what having an indie filmmaker friend means-- shameless begging for funds! Yep, it's that time of year again, where I flutter my lashes all pretty-like and do this:

Kitty sez, "Pwease? I make you a cookie! An I promise not to eated it!"

and ask you all to show your support for independent art (or art product substances).

Making a 48 Hour Film is a no-profit, shoestring-budget endeavor. No one gets paid and no one makes money off the film. While theoretically it could be included in one of the "Best of the 48HFP" DVDs and the filmmaker might eventually see some proceeds, the realistic chance of that is miniscule at best. It's a film that can show at festivals, stream on YouTube or Atom Films or iFilm, and/or be used as part of one's demo reel. In other words, it's art in all its non-commercial glory.

Team Suffusion of Yellow has a total budget of $1,100 for our film this year, of which we have raised $200 so far. This money goes towards feeding the cast and crew all weekend; registration fees; duplication and postage so everyone gets their copy; equipment rental; DVCAM tapes (which, lemme tell ya, ain't cheap); prop, costume, & makeup expenses; doing a little audience-bribing PR at the screening; insurance; and incidentals like gas, batteries, tape, and other last-minute consumables. We're doing a lot with very little money, thanks in part to things like inexpensive equipment rentals through AIM's community program.

Your support makes projects like these possible. And your contributions, no matter how small, are both incredibly helpful and deeply appreciated. By giving to this project, you aren't just helping our team make a movie for a competition. You're supporting the digital revolution of true independent filmmaking, helping take what was once an art form unavailable to all but the well-funded and make it a genuinely (for better or worse!) populist endeavor available to anyone with a little initiative and resourcefulness. And on a more personal level, you're making dreams come true-- not just my own dreams of being a filmmaker, but the dreams of my teammates, many of whom are getting their first shot at the jobs they're doing on this film.

Please consider contributing something, even if you can only spare a dollar. Every little bit gets us closer to our goal. And every contributor will be credited in our "Special Thanks To" in the film credit rolls (though, if 900 people give us a dollar, it's going to be a piece of the credit roll done on hyperspeed for the competition 'cause we only have a minute for credits!)

We've created four ways for you to contribute:

1) Straight-up donations. If you don't want to use PayPal, ping the email addy on my profile and I'll give you a snail mail addy to send a check, or you can give it to me in person.

Everyone who donates $25 or more will receive a complimentary copy of the DVD. Anyone who contributes $100 or more will receive an Executive Producer credit.

2) Goods/services. If you would rather give us bags of chips or flats of soda, or you are willing to do the DVD mailing and pay the postage, or you can get us something we need for free or at a steep discount, that counts too. But please check with me to see if it's actually something we *need* first.

3) We're in the process of setting up a CafePress store with merchandise featuring the team logo designed by the talented prehensile_wit. To be honest, we don't expect this to be much of a cash cow for us. The base prices are high so we won't do a huge markup. On the other hand, it gives us the chance to have legions of fans show up at our screening wearing Suffusion of Yellow t-shirts or hats (or thongs, as I'm sure rudolfrassen would like me to remind you!) And, we figure, some folks might prefer to get something for their money more tangible than the satisfaction of supporting indie art. ;-)

4) And finally, putting the FUN back in fundraising, I present to you the 48 Hour WoW Project! Yes, kiddies, in my dedication to abasing myself for your hard-earned dollars, I will in fact spend 48 hours straight playing a brand-new character on WoW next weekend. For this monkey dance, you will pledge to give me an amount of money per level I attain.

Now, the level cap is 70, but I have no idea how far I'll get. I will be taking breaks to eat and nap and stuff, because I still have to go back to work on Monday, and I've never power-leveled a character before. I'm estimating I'll get to level 40 or so, but that's just a guess. Like with many XP-based games, it takes exponentially more to achieve the next level.

I'll be using screen shots and video capture to prove that I'm starting a new character, and I invite anyone who has a WoW account to come on the server and see me grinding and questing, and hopefully to cheer me on.

Later tonight I'll be posting a poll, because you, dear readers, will get to pick my race, class, professions, gender, and even my character's name!

Not wacky enough for you yet? Well, how about this-- you can pledge a fixed amount towards getting me to do all kinds of shit for your entertainment and amusement! Want me to take off my pants and dance for the king in Ironforge? Want me to be the crazy cat lady who buys 20 cats off the auction house and has them following me at all times? Want me to ask 15 people what they'd do for a Klondike bar? Want me to run "naked" except for a helmet through Booty Bay and go diving off a waterfall? Want me to ask everyone who gives me a quest "You want fries with that?" You got it! Now, I may not manage all of them, and I may not succeed at some of them, but you only pony up if I do. Like I said, screen shots and video capture for teh proof! (unless you're online IC to see it for yourself)

And there are a few limits: I won't do PvP-- RP only. I won't do anything that harasses or harms another player's game (no stealing mobs, no ninja-ing loot). I won't grind for items to send to anyone or give you in-game gold. In short, if I think it's obnoxious to the other players, bends or breaks the game rules, or is in some other way counter to the spirit of the challenge, I'm going to say no. And one other limit in general: If it looks like I won't raise at least $200 with this stunt, I'm not going to do it. I love this cunning plan, but if the rest of the world says "meh" I'm going to put my time to more productive use!

So if you're in for the challenge, post here and either tell me what you'll give me for which wacky stunt, or how much you'll pledge per level. (Remember, that's your pledge x the number of levels I get-- so if you pledge a dollar, and I reach level 40, you're saying you'll give me 40 bucks.) I will ask you to give me your contributions for this by the end of this month to minimize how much I have to lay out up front for film costs. ALL of your contributions go towards making the film; none of this goes to me.

You might be wondering what I'll do if I exceed my goal. Well, first I'll do a serious happy dance! After that, it's going to go, as the phrase goes, "on the screen". We'll buy cooler props or costumes or upgrade equipment or rent a van to haul stuff around. We might invest in things that can be used not only on this film, but on future projects. One way or another, though, it'll go directly towards making film.

Thanks for your generosity in the past, and thanks for sticking with me here!
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Anyone know where I can get a fundraising tracking widget that I can manually adjust? thinking of using ChipIn but would like to display non-PayPal funds with the widget...