April 11th, 2007

Gamer Girl

Make the 48 Hour WoW Project happen!

Voting to build my character for the 48 Hour WoW Project is going well so far and I'm quite entertained by the name suggestions...it'd be a shame if none of them got used...hint hint...;-)

Now is the time to pledge! All contributions go towards Team Suffusion of Yellow's budget for the 48HFP, which not only makes my dream of directing a film come true, but is also affording opportunities for many others to show off their talents or try out a whole new skill set. Plus, if you live in the area, you can attend the screening at the AFI Silver-- a REAL honest to gods movie theater-- and see the movie and think, "I helped make that happen."

Pledges can be small; kick in a quarter per level and even if I get to level 40 you'll only owe me ten bucks. It's for Art! And for TWO weekends of sleep deprivation for me instead of just one! And you can pay me to do stupid shit for your entertainment! It doesn't get much better than that! If you have a WoW account (you can get a free trial account just for the weekend if you're curious), you can even log in and watch me/cheer me on/taunt me/distract me with your own stupid avatar tricks!

But if I don't stand a chance of collecting at least $200 by doing it, I'm going to do something else instead. Like sort laundry. Or catch up on email. Or work on my personal finances. Things that are infinitely less interesting to watch.

There are two ways you can make this happen:

1) Pledge a certain amount per level I attain. For simplicity's sake I'm assuming I'll reach level 40-- I suppose I could surpass that, but the higher I get, the simply longer it takes to reach the next level. Pledge any amount-- a dime per level, a quarter per level, whatever your mad money allows.

2) Pledge a fixed amount (any amount) to get me to do something in game for your amusement, as evcelt has done. Anything, so long as it doesn't negatively affect other people's games nor actively break the rules. You can either sign on to watch me do it, or I'll take screen shots and video captures and email or post them as proof.

Once the weekend is done and you've got the proof that I've done this stunt, PayPal me the money you pledged (or send it to me some other way that we work out between us). I've only got about $375 left to raise-- with your help my team will reach our goal!

You can record your pledges in the comments here or in my earlier post.

You know you want to keep me up all night this weekend. ;-)