April 30th, 2007

Suffusion of Yellow

Come See My Movie!

(It occurs to me that I could regret this enthusiasm if my film turns out to be teh suck and I want no one I know to see it. But I have too many talented people working for me to possibly turn out something that could override my monstrous vanity...*g*)

So I have the screening date for my team's film in the 48HFP! Hooray! It will be shown:

at the AFI Silver in Silver Spring, MD
Tuesday, May 8th*
7:00 PM

Tickets are not yet on sale, but mark your calendars so that when they do, I can recruit a Tsunami of Yellowness to show up at the theater and cheer on the efforts of many of your good friends, not just me. Also, please vote for us for Audience Favorite. =)

Last year ours was a sold-out show, and that's pretty common, so buy tickets ahead of time. It's incredibly exciting to sit in a real movie theater with a packed audience and see your (or someone's you know) film up on that giant screen. We had a great time last year and really stood out with our sea of red shirts and hair and general rowdiness. Let's do it again this year! And go out for margaritas and pie after!

*We owe much love to Balth & Wit's next door neighbor, who is on another team and switched screenings with us because we were originally on Friday and half the team has to be at Brassy's then. All hail to Neighbor Dave! Go see his screening at 7pm Friday the 11th if you haven't already got plans!
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