June 26th, 2007


The things that make you nuts...

OK, so I don't necessarily expect anyone here to be able to ease my mind, but this is driving me SO nuts and it's so stupid that I just have to get it out of my system.

So, I'm always seeing guest stars on TV shows who are "That Guy"s, whose face you know you've seen before but you don't know their name. And it always drives me nuts when I can't remember where I've seen them before-- it's like a tickle in the back of my brain that I can't scratch.

IMDB is usually my godsend, and/or my Google Fu comes through for me, but this one's been plaguing me for weeks. Our household is addicted to pretty much any form of "Law & Order", so the incessant repeats are frequently on in the living room. This one's difficult because I only saw the one scene on my way out the door, so I have no idea what the episode overall was about, and it was a repeat on USA or something, so I don't know the air date.

It was a L&O CI episode, and I'm pretty sure it was a Logan episode. The partners had gone to the house of a guy they were investigating for something-- a nice house-- and found his pretty, dark-haired, and I believe pregnant, mistress there. They tried to talk to her, she was evasive, and then she said she had to go because she had a cab to take her somewhere. For some reason I think the cab was a plot point. Anyway, I KNOW I've seen the mistress somewhere before, and I think she was playing one of the leads' sisters in whatever it was, and she was kind of bitchy or overprotective or something. And it's RIGHT on the tip of my brain, and I can't think of it, and it's making me bonkers. IMDB seems to only list actors & actresses who've appeared more than once in a show. ARGH.

(Why yes, I AM procrastinating because I don't want to clean any more. Why do you ask?)
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