July 4th, 2007

Baby Sekhmet

Webcomics: Recommendations?

So I have a little challenge for you all...

I know lots and lots of you read webcomics, sometimes with an almost religious fervor. I've never quite managed to hook into any of them, though I used to occasionally peruse "Jake the Rake" because it was about poly people, and Random's occasionally shown me "PvP" strips he knew I'd like. But I know there's a lot of terrific creative stuff out there, and I'm curious what all the fuss is about. (Plus, you know, since I don't do LJ at work, it always helps to have something to do when I don't feel like, you know, working. *wink*)

What, in your opinion, is the best webcomic out there? What one or ones do you think I would like, given what you know about me (sick yet still somewhat picky sense of humor, fondness for the bizarre, lots of subculture/geeky interests, raging liberal)?

I'm planning to set up a subscription feed with at least some webcomics, possibly some other types of sites, for a source of amusing/weird/creative stuff, and you all seem to be a rich resource for that kind of stuff!
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New Music

On a related note to my last post...

Not that I really *need* more music to load on my mp3 player, since I'm in danger of using up the whole 30 gigs before I even finish ripping all my CDs, but the search for new and interesting music is an eternal one, and you guys have turned me on to some great stuff in the past.

So, if it is your will, please tell me a track that you absolutely love-- the kind of piece you could listen to over and over, that you don't mind when it's stuck in your head-- that you think maybe I might not have heard before (hell, go ahead and list it even if you think maybe I have). Any genre, any subject matter, any speed, from any decade.

If you're stuck for ideas, here's some things I often go seeking:

--Great mashups (not so much A+B styles these days unless they're really clever, I've gotten more into ones that sample extensively around a theme, like the "Devil Went Down to 666 Mix")
--Histrionic, baroque, over-orchestrated, Jim-Steinman-esque stuff that's so deliriously over the top it's awesome (ex: "Holding Out For A Hero"-- my favorite Steinman ever!!!)
--Really independent artists, the kind who fill a coffeehouse but nothing much bigger
--World music, especially interesting fusion like bhangra-reggae (like Apache Indian's "Om Numah Shivaya")
--Badass chick singers (ex: Mary Prankster's "Tits & Whiskey")
--Singer-songwriters with amazing lyrics
--Really out-there, really intriguing sounds and styles-- like, anyone know any good punk blues (or for example, Gogol Bordello's gypsy punk sound)
--Stuff that's passionate, transcendent, singable, awe-inspiring (which is why I adore Lyle Lovett's "I Will Rise Up" even though I generally don't like country-- and I'm serious, either the man needs to get that new album out, or I need a bootleg of this song live, before I die of longing)

In fair trade, here's some stuff I've been listening to:

DeVotchka-- Eastern-European bohemian alt-cabaret indie rock. Sorta. Apparently they did the soundtrack for Little Miss Sunshine; I don't even remember how I turned on to them, but it's great stuff.

Tristania and Nightwish-- goth-metal instrumentals and transcendent vocals, totally histrionic-over-the-top in the way I love, the (respectively) Norwegian and Finnish answers to Lacuna Coil and then Evanescence.

Donna de Lory-- Once a backup singer for Madonna, she's put out some solo stuff and has done a lot of Hindu-influenced devotional chants that are incredibly rockin'. Her "Om Namah Shivaya" is on my Soul Food playlist and never fails to elevate my mood; hell, it could practically make a Shaivite out of me on its own!

Amikaeyla-- Many of my RL friends know her, not just as a performer but in person. She is *amazing*. I would recommend all the tracks on Mosaic, but I have to say, "Been So Long" is hands-down my favorite track. I find it completely haunting.

Pink Martini-- I learned about these guys when they came to WT this year, and it about killed me that I had to miss the concert. They are an "urban musical travelogue". You kind of just have to hear it to get what they are.

And some videos of great (mostly) world music, for your viewing pleasure:

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