August 5th, 2007

Baby Sekhmet

Music Question

OK, all you music gurus out there, help me out with something that's been driving me nuts...

Anyone know an Oingo Boingo song that references "werewolves" and "midnight" in the lyrics? It's a fairly fast, dance-beat song...I remember those words but nothing else specifically.

For anyone who goes up to Four Quarters Farm events, it's the second song they play as part of the Tribal Stomp. So, I guess, there's a chance it's not even an Oingo Boingo song, though I'm pretty sure someone told me it was.

(No, it's not "Dead Man's Party", which is the first half of the Stomp-- it's the one that comes after, when they make sure everyone has champagne to drink when it hits midnight both in the Stomp and in the song.)

ARGH!! So making me nuts!!
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