August 27th, 2007


Love Bhakti #3: Ready For Love

I was contemplating topics for this week's Love Bhakti when I came across this video. It's one of my favorite songs ever, and in a long-ago entry I'd written about coming to understand it. How, when I first heard it, I thought it was just an uncommonly gorgeous love song to a specific person; how, once I'd absorbed it into my bones, I realized that I'd been wrong, that it was a song sung to Love itself, to some divine power, that it wasn't about winning over a person at all but rather presenting oneself at Love's door, asking to be let in.

And I knew that this particular video was my bhakti today when, at the beginning, the singer's intro confirms what exactly the song is about.

Listen closely to the words when you watch it...she's one of the most (nondenominationally) spiritual/soulful singers out there, in my opinion, and in this piece she is nothing less than a priestess of Love:

(video is SFW)

There is no great secret to living in love. Mystery, yes, enough to fill inexhaustible numbers of posts, but no secret; it's written everywhere.

Just offer it, and there will be more love in your existence than you could ever give away. Love the world, with wonder and courage and fierce hope; love its incomparable beauties and immense brilliance as well as its faults and frailties, hardships and broken parts, and it will love those things in you.

Just open the door to welcome it, generous and unafraid, and it will always come in. Maybe it will enter only as a stray moth, or a beggar, or a chilly breeze, but give it hospitality, and it will drop its disguise and reveal the face of god.

Don't believe me. Do it. Choose to love-- to embody love-- and see where it takes you.


As always: if you want some love-mojo for yourself or someone you care about, please feel free to comment or email me and I will include your wish in my Love devotions this week. Please ask with loving intent and without violating anyone's free will, but otherwise, wish away-- whether you need a job or money or better health or more love in your life or greater beauty or world peace or whatever it is your heart desires. I will never disclose anything given to me privately and I will offer Love on the condition that the recipient-- consciously or subconsciously-- accepts it.