September 11th, 2007

Pucker Up


So...anyone know of any cool, fun, non-9/11-related events going on tonight in the DC Metro area?

Random and I are feeling somewhat indecisive about what we want to do to celebrate our anniversary. We've looked up a bunch of stuff-- what there is on a Tuesday night anyway-- and determined:

--Dancing, salsa or swing, is out. Alas.
--Pub trivia in DC could be fun...we're both quiz show/trivia hounds.
--Drag bingo is also, alas, out. Though if anyone wants to go with me another Tuesday night...
--Ladies' arm wrestling at the Palace of Wonders remains a possibility, because that's the kind of weird way we roll.
--Dinner at the tapas place with the flamenco show intrigues us both...could be a little pricey but eh, it's a special occasion...I'd be down with a middle eastern restaurant with dance and/or hookah bar, but not sure Random would be into that...
--We have ruled out anything terribly interesting going on at the AFI Silver, E Street Cinema, Jammin Java, or Arlington Drunkhouse
--Going out for chili and an evening of shooting pool may not seem romantic, but it could be for us 'cause we've had lots of pool dates
--Ok, we could join the Washington Psychotronic Film Society at Dr. Dremo's in Arlington for their showing of the schlock movie "Angel"...why do I only like the freaky shit?

We could always go to Archibald's and watch lovely naked women, I suppose. ;-) That'd be pretty "us"!

What else is going on around here on a Tuesday night?
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On This Day

On September 11, 2001, even as 3,000 lives were lost, another 10,000 were born.

That night/week/month, in New York City, so many couples sought refuge in lovemaking that nine months later the birth rate was 20% higher than usual.

Across the country, people clogged phone lines and internet connections, checking in on loved ones and passing along news, saying the important things and reinforcing the bonds of family and community. Whole countries opened their hearts to us and stood by, offering whatever we might need. More people arrived at the disaster sites to help than could physically do anything.

Yes, there was grief and pain and unbelievable horror and destruction, that needs its mourning and remembrance. But there was also love, and strength, and tremendous humanity.

The Tower is a frightening, devastating force, one that destroys and tears and lays bare. We don't know why, we don't know what will grow on the blasted ground in its place, we are angry and afraid.

But after the Tower comes the Star.

Have hope. Love fiercely. Grow beauty in the wake of hate.


All my love, always, to my darling Random...thirteen years of love and devotion, and forever to look forward to. I adore you, my love.
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