September 24th, 2007

Princess Bad Kitty

Birthday Outing in October!

Okay, I've decided what I'm going to do for my birthday celebration this October.

Well-- ok-- technically I'm celebrating my birthday by co-officiating my first wedding, which is on my birthday itself, and is therefore just about the coolest way to have a birthday evar. But I'm pretty sure I have to be on relatively good behavior that day and not, like, make anyone strip and give me a lap dance or anything.

Originally I was going to host another Porn & Chicken party, which I still want to do sometime soonish, but October is way too busy to plan a party of any kind at this point. Maybe I'll do that in the dead period after the New Year, when not as much stuff is going on.

So instead what I wanna do is go see The No Holds Barred burlesque show at the Crucible by the DC Gurly Show. It's all of ten bucks, and yeah, it's a school night, but it's a Thursday-- c'mon, who cares if you're not alert at work on Friday? NAKED GIRLS, man!!! Think of the NAKED GIRLS! The Bishop would say they deserve our time and full, complete attention, those poor girls who can't even afford clothes that stay on.

And YES, I know, going to a BDSM club to see a sexy show is not everyone's cup of tea. You really don't need to comment telling me that you aren't interested because you're not into kink. I wasn't asking you anyway. ;-)

But for the many kinky and/or merely adventurous people on my flist who MIGHT be into it, I invite you to join me there. I will, in fact, be the one in the tiara. ;-) Hell, I'll probably out-drag any nearby drag queens. I could be persuaded to get some food and a couple of drinks beforehand, but I am NOT planning a big restaurant outing, because I despise those. I want to have a nice dinner beforehand and dress up all glamourkitty and badass until people faint dead away at the hottness, and I want to go to a naughty club and watch beautiful women who happen to be great dancers work their stuff and strip (for my entertainment, though I'll be generous enough to share it with the whole room), and before and afterward, I want some willing subbie types to shower me with attention and see to my every whim.

(I don't ask for much, huh?)

I don't particularly need presents, and gods help the person who tells the waiter at the restaurant that it's my birthday so I have to endure the whole waitstaff awkwardly singing. I just want to have a decadence-drenched night with whichever of my friends is inclined to join me, and I want to support the burlesque revival in the process. In the interests of disclosure, I offered to help the ladies promote this show in the hopes that they'll get a big enough audience to make them happen in the future, 'cause I really love burlesque and want to see it flourish. So I'm hoping to play on my pretty-princess-special-day cred to whip up some audience-- so to speak. ;-)

Let me know if you're up for this plan!

ETA: I'm thinking maybe dinner at Archibald's beforehand...start the decadence early!
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