September 29th, 2007


Love Bhakti #8: The Universe Loves You And Wants You To Be Happy

Pretty goofy idea, huh? I mean, don't most major belief systems teach us that life is suffering and hardship? Or, at the very least, a purgatorial state to be endured with strained patience until we die and move on to something better?

(You'd think, if that were true, that we wouldn't be so thoroughly hardwired to avoid death at all costs! But I digress…)

So what's up with this hippie pronoia crap about a benevolent Universe that wants us to…feel good?

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As always: if you want some love-mojo for yourself or someone you care about, please feel free to comment or email me and I will include your wish in my Love devotions this week. Please ask with loving intent and without violating anyone's free will, but otherwise, wish away-- whether you need a job or money or better health or more love in your life or greater beauty or world peace or whatever it is your heart desires. I will never disclose anything given to me privately and I will offer Love on the condition that the recipient-- consciously or subconsciously-- accepts it.