October 1st, 2007


Love Bhakti #8 Special Features Edition!

Just a few little extras I thought I'd link because they groove with my last Love Bhakti:

Steve Pavlina's essay about listening to your feelings and how it can help make you happier"

A Rob Brezsny classic, and an inspiration to me

And, one of my very favorite Hafiz translations:

A Suspended Blue Ocean

The sky
Is a suspended blue ocean.
The stars are the fish
That swim.

The planets are the white whales
I sometimes hitch a ride on,

And the sun and all light
Have forever fused themselves

Into my heart and upon
My skin.

There is only one rule
On this Wild Playground,

For every sign Hafiz has ever seen
Reads the same.

They all say,

"Have fun, my dear; my dear, have fun,
In the Beloved's Divine

O, in the Beloved's
Wonderful Game."

~ Hafiz ~

(The Subject Tonight Is Love -- versions of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky)
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