October 9th, 2007


No Rest for the Weary!

A couple of announcements...

Love Bhakti is moving! Yes, one of my long-in-the-works plans has been to move the Romancy/sacred love stuff to its own little corner of the web, for various reasons, and it's finally ready to launch. Well-- v1.0 is ready to launch. It's a pretty basic, simple format hosted on WordPress which will eventually have its own domain, a customized look, and some more bells and whistles. For now, though, I wanted to both separate that writing from my personal journaling, and dedicate a place entirely to it. I'll be writing at least every Friday as before, but probably more often. And yes, my anonymous friend, there will be some shorter pieces there. =) I'll also still link the Friday posts here, though I think you can also read the feed on LJ if you like. It's empty except for a couple of info pages right now, but nevertheless, I give you: The Blooming Heart

On the film front, I am very pleased to announce that Bohemian Rose Productions is now officially in pre-production on a short, no-budget, and very clever and funny script by balthazar99! This is the get-us-back-in-the-saddle production, which will be shot over a couple of weeknights late this month. Having more than a weekend to do the whole thing seems like a veritable embarrassment of riches. ;-) I only need a few crew people, so I might actually have all I need right now, though you should still ping me if you're interested. However, I do still need actors, and I'd like to cast from people I know or from friends of friends-- we need a girl who looks like she's in college for a tiny part, an average-looking guy who also looks like he's college-aged, and a handsome guy who shouldn't look older than early to mid-thirties (but can look younger). Both guys have to be good at comedy, specifically at drawing the absurdity out of a "normal" conversation. Non-union, no pay, food & copy of the DVD, film experience would be lovely.

Immediately after that, I'm going to be launching into production on a script for Pangea Day-- a script that I'll be finishing this weekend, cross your fingers for me. It's going to be a strange, quirky, somewhat magical-realism story that's much more experimental than my projects so far. I know I'll be directing, but beyond that, I don't have anything set in stone. If you're up for a crazily hectic production right in time for the holidays (I'm not nuts about that, but the entry deadline is Jan. 15th and the editors are going to need extra time with this), ping me. Warning: may involve guerrilla shooting and shooting in uncomfortable [read: COLD] conditions at weird times.

And early in December, I'll be planning a beer & pizza gathering one afternoon or evening to get together with people who are seriously interested in continuing to work with me on film stuff. The goal is to figure out a slate of projects for Bohemian Rose Productions for 2008. My goals for BRP for the year are to increase its name recognition and reputation in the local film community though its projects and through networking, and to get into a regular production schedule, with people both learning new jobs and getting the chance to get more experience and work more frequently with other "regulars". At this get-together, we may not only start talking some tentative crew roles, but I am also hoping that others will pitch projects that I can executive produce and *they* can direct (or otherwise take the lead on logistics). I know Team Suffusion of Yellow will be resurrected for the 48HFP, and I have a trailer I've been asked to help shoot in the spring. Random and I also have a strong concept for what will probably be closer to a 30-minute short, that's more ambitious than our projects to date, and we're talking about possibly producing it next year. But I'd like to have the slate and its schedule pretty well finalized before the end of the year.

Finally, on a more personal note, I've re-activated my NaNoWriMo login, and am deliciously awaiting Nov. 1st! Who else is in this year? (Yes, I'm trying to do this alongside a film production, year-end stuff at work, and the holidays. Shush. I'll sleep when I'm dead.)
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