October 10th, 2007

Pucker Up

Birthday Outing Update!

So, if you're interested in going along on my birthday outing to the Gurly Show performance at The Crucible on the 25th, you can buy your tickets ahead of time here.

Also, apparently the show will be longer and there'll be no play party afterwards. But this is ok. Still with the hot nekkid wimmins! And me still in my tiara, being shamelessly spoiled!
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Baby Sekhmet

Feed Errors

OK, I think I corrected an error in the code for the RSS feed for The Blooming Heart.

But, I discovered, you'll get a 404 error and not a feed page when you click the button until I post an entry there. =P Who knew? I'll try to post something today to fix that.

Sorry, guys! I'm still a total n00b in the world of feeds, XML, and all that fancy stuff. But it's fun to figure out, so over time I'll be tinkering with the site and adding the occasional nifty new feature to the sidebar.

Thanks for letting me know about the problems...
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