November 7th, 2007

Film Geek

Informal survey

Question of the day: Has a movie you've seen ever changed your life in some way?

It can be small or great, "trivial" or profound, lasting or temporary-- I'm interested in it all.

For example: opening your eyes to a problem in the world you never knew existed; setting a standard for the kind of person you wanted to fall in love with; helping bring you out of a funk by cheering you up; defining something about how you dress or style yourself; inspiring you to learn a language, a discipline, or more about a historical person; influencing where you go on vacation; making you decide to try a particular kind of food or listen to a style of music; influencing your choice of career or where you want to live; awakening you to a realization about who you are; influencing your politics, personal philosophy, or spirituality; making you feel better or worse about who you are.

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