November 17th, 2007


I Should Be NaNo'ing

Sometimes, life is good in very simple ways.

It would be easy to dwell on the ways in which I am one of society's misfits, the many marks of adult success that I have not (and in some cases plan am not likely ever to have) attained. It would be easy to be frustrated by low pay, by working a job as well as a career, by many things in the world that feel randomly cruel and unjust.

But then there are days like this, when I become unexpectedly mindful, and find myself suddenly thinking about how fascinating and crazy and wonderful life is, how beautiful and magical.

I worked until about 2:30 in the morning on my film last night, after a busy day at work. And then I got up in time to be BACK at work this morning by 9, to videotape a workshop. Then I ran home to get Random to work and I've been here at his store since then.

It's the little things. Speeding along Route 7 with "Come Back To Me" at top volume and the window open, singing along, the brilliantly jeweled trees blurred like artful smears of oil paint on either side of me and the sun bright overhead.

My Bad Kitty soft pink hoodie. (My "boyfriend" at work was surprised by my pink mp3 player. I explained how I am a princess. He said, "Well, I can see that, but I figured you more for the black fishnet kind of princess." Hehe.)

A woman at the workshop today saw me working my video setup and asked how much I'd charge to come tape her daughter's bridal shower. Fortunately I didn't have to answer right away because I have NO IDEA and also worried I'm not good enough yet to actually work for someone, but...this is how things start, right? (Incidentally, I've been thinking lately that I'd love to get into doing those "video biographies" that more videographers are doing now...a way to film stuff that might actually PAY and that I'd enjoy.)

Here at the store one of Random's coworkers brought his small son to work. He dressed him in an employee apron and gave him little tasks to help out with. The kid loved it. And it was the cutest thing IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

For relatively little money, I brought us back a lavish feast of kabobs and samosas from the Halal market near the used bookstore. The guys there pegged me for someone from the game store (I suspect we gamers might be the only white people who eat there) and they were really friendly and cool. The food was amazing.

Some days, Random's and my crap salaries don't matter as much; days when there's enough in the bank to get by, and the sky is achingly blue, and the rest of the evening stretches ahead of me with tempting freedom after days of hard but fulfilling work; when I spend time enjoying my coworkers' company, or come to the store and all the employees and even some of the regulars know me, and everyone knows each other, and I can sit here and promise myself some NaNo time and it feels like a community sort of place. Even if I *am* practically the only chick here.

These are the days when I believe that everything will be ok, that life is exciting and full of possibility, that there is so much I wouldn't trade about the restless hungry life for all the treasure of Solomon.

(Not that I'd object to having both.)

And Random and I have a date for some quality time tonight.

Life is good.

I could use a nap.

But life is good.

And now, I go get a fancy coffee drink from the new little indie cafe a couple of doors down, and then I shall NaNo.


ETA: Also, almonds candied in sugar, rosewater, and cardamom FTW.

Also also, Java Dave's is an awesome place that deserves to have a write-in descend upon it. They have girlie coffee drinks AND ice cream AND big foofy couches AND free wi-fi. And they're cool there. What more does anyone need?
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