November 28th, 2007

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Bohemian Rose Productions, 2008

I mentioned here a while ago that I want to plan a meeting (before the end of the year if possible) to plan film projects for 2008 that will fall under the auspices of Bohemian Rose Productions. I'm gonna try to kick-start that meeting planning now.

This is what I want to do: Get together in a room people who are seriously interested in taking part in a film project (or two...or more) in the coming year. Seriously as in, will put in time to learn a job if they're inexperienced, would take certification classes (cheap ones) in order to be able to rent equipment if need be, will make time and space to be part of a production, would do a schlep job on one thing to help out when they know they'll get a cooler job next time, will be proactive about their jobs. I don't expect anyone else to want to make this their life's work, but I'm talking more "serious hobbyist" (or potentially so) over "it'd be cool to hang out with my friends and play movie".

Once in that room, toss around ideas for projects for next year. Ideas could be "let's do the Baltimore 48HFP in addition to DC", or "I want to do more short films", or "let's do a cable access show", or "Fade in on a young man driving into the dawn..." Spend some time finding out what jobs everyone there wants to do, and is willing to do. Figure out which projects have the most interest and see how much of that seems feasible. Ultimately, come up with a tentative schedule, and figure out who's the point person on each project, so we're ready to make some things happen in the new year.

My plan is to be a big-picture (so to speak) producer for each project, but not necessarily to be intimately involved in each one. In other words, if someone else wants to run a show, I'm good with that. I'd love to make opportunities for others. I do plan to direct some stuff, and I'll do other crew roles gladly too, but I have non-film projects too so I don't need to be on every single set.

The point person on each project would have to propose a budget for it ahead of time, and they and I would then work on funding. Frankly, I don't know that we'll do anything that'll Go Places, but I have thoughts about how to set things up to be fair about ownership and any remuneration. Really, these are probably going to be pretty shoestring projects, and what we're going to get out of them is practice working on and running as professional a show as we can, always striving to get better.

If all you want to do is act, and you're not willing to crew, you'd probably be better off waiting till we actually hold an audition for something. (You should also have some experience and/or training as an's a pet peeve of mine when people think that anyone can just get up there and act.) If all you want to do is write-- come if you have ideas to pitch and you might be willing to help with other stuff too, but don't come looking for someone to give you permission to write. If you want to write a screenplay, write one. I don't want anyone to show up and then go away upset because no one warmed to their idea and now they feel like they "can't" write because I or anyone else won't "let" them.

You do need to be prepared that just because you want to do a particular crew role or a particular project, doesn't mean it's going to happen. I don't want to sound harsh but I also don't want to create the impression that everyone (even me) is going to always get their way. I'm happy to help hook people up with others in the local film community if my projects aren't providing the kind of opportunities they're looking for.

That said, I think this *will* create a lot of chances for people to experiment and learn and try things out. I think it will be fun, and challenging, and we might come out of it with some cool stuff and great war stories. I think we'll meet new people, and at least get one thing screened, and probably learn as much as we would in a very expensive film school. I think the people who've worked with me already know that my crews are a pretty fun place and that the drama stays in front of the camera, and that I'm a fair person to work with and for.

Ping me here or via email or offline if you're interested. How's mid-December for a meeting?
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