December 3rd, 2007

Christmas Oh Come


If you have a reasonable expectation of receiving a gift from me this year for your Winter Holiday Of Choice (reasonable=has happened in the past, we normally exchange, or hell, even "maybe if I do this, I will get a giftie!"), I would SO GREATLY appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to post something along the lines of "this is stuff I could use/would love and this is stuff I can't use/would hate", as well as whether you have objections to re-gifts (ie secondhand items in good condition), handmade items, charitable donations, or other forms of eco-friendly giving. Links to Amazon and other online wishlists are good too.

It doesn't make you look greedy. Honest. Or at least, the potential greed factor is overridden by the gift of relief and inspiration you have given not only to me, but to anyone who may be trying to decide on a gift for you.

Thank you!

And those of my friends who have already done this, THANK YOU!!! In every case, I have been inspired with gift ideas I might not have otherwise had, and I am all the more gleeful about them because I now *know* they will be joyfully received and used.

On a final note, for a wide range of charitable gifting in one place: Changing The Present. Too cool! I'm actually thinking I might save this for the new year, whenever I get my raise...I've long wanted to "tithe" charitable causes as part of my spiritual path, and this would be a good site to have to remind myself to throw a couple of bucks towards a meal, or a set of schoolbooks, or clay for artisans, or a vaccine, whenever I get paid.
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