December 9th, 2007

Baby Sekhmet

Video Fun! so made of awesome I can't describe it. And yet I can't help thinking, "my friends would totally do shit like this."

The Vegetable Orchestra! (SFW)

This, I saw when someone on my flist linked it, and the blog they linked to said something like, "Love is finding someone who does the same shit that nobody else would do, and doing it together." I can't help thinking this would be me & Random at our wedding...(also SFW)

In searching for material for a travel icon today, I entered "tour" into Google Images. The first image? A naked chick getting nailed in a very graphic photo with the caption, "College Fuck Tour". Which led me and the housemates to a discussion resulting in an important philosophical question: What, exactly, is the RDA of porn?
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