December 11th, 2007

Consumer Whore


Note: I cannot be trusted with eMusic. Fortunately, I have enough restraint to only fill up my "save for later" list and not actually go bankrupt on music purchases.

That said, eMusic *rocks*. For $10 a month, you get 30 "free" downloads, which means if you use them that you're buying songs at $.33 each, quite a steal compared to most places. (You can buy extra downloads at rates that vary depending how many you buy at once-- buying 50 at once costs about $.39/song.)Also, ALL their downloads are in mp3 format with no DRM crap, so you don't have to clutter your devices with huge wmv files and wrestle with stupidass DRM issues like I did with Napster. I'm planning to replace as much of my Napster music as possible and just stop using it.

I love eMusic's interface (though I'm not the pickiest user) and I adore their commitment to indie music. I've found great stuff on there, from Over the Rhine to The Changelings to Poe to Gogol Bordello. They also have a HUGE international section. deboranter turned me on to eMusic because of that-- we're both huge world music fans.

Granted, you have to remember to download music within a month or lose that month's remaining downloads, but if you save albums you're interested in, you can probably do that easily-- at least, if you're as compulsive about finding new music on a constant basis as I am.

The other downside is that you won't really find mainstream artists. My tastes are so all over the place that I do actually want some current pop music, and I wish I could buy it all from one site. But, 'tis a small price to pay, because eMusic has pretty much ALL the more obscure artists I like, plus tons of stuff to explore.

And I did find the heavy metal/industrial version of "Oops I Did It Again" that played at Ausir & Dance_Shiva's wedding reception, so BONUS.

If you're on eMusic and you have playlists or recommendations set up, shoot me your user name so I can look up what you're listening to! I have to do my profile still, alas...

If you're thinking of trying eMusic, PLEASE ping me or Deb. Right now, if either of us refers a friend who joins and stays on for a month beyond the trial period, they get 50 free downloads as their trial gift, and we get 50 bonus free downloads for referring them. But we have to send you the referral email from the site, so let one of us know so we can all get free stuff!!! Think about it-- if you join for trial period + one month and then quit, you get 80 downloads for $9.99. I'm telling ya, you can't beat that without actually stealing music...

I'm gonna download a bunch of stuff this month to make a holiday playlist, including the Muppets!
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