January 27th, 2011

Drama Queen

That's it...I'm submitting a play for the next Rudes season.

Inspired by the Sassy Gay Friend series (see below), I feel that I MUST rip this off to create a glorious opus for the Rudes next season. Mine shall, however, feature a Sassy [Fill in the Blank] and auditions will require anyone who would like to play the part of the Sassy to develop their own Sassy character with evidence of how they would bring the play to a screeching (if logical and hilarious) halt. Possibilities include the Sassy Ethnic Friend, the Sassy Hairdresser (male or female), the Sassy Bartender, the Sassy Cab Driver, and many more.

Since the plays will be necessarily abbreviated by the fact that the Sassy stops them cold, my play shall be an amalgam of Shakespeare plays, in which the troupe of actors tries desperately to complete a damn play, only to be thwarted and have to start fresh with a whole new play.

It will RULE. =)

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(Thanks to sabrinamari for pointing these out to me!)
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