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Too cool!

The next time I go to London, I am SO going to Hoxton Street Monster Supplies! I wonder if they would let me sit in the secret room in the back to write...?

I actually got some quiet time to rest this weekend, which was unbelievably precious to me. I even spent some time goofing off, which is how I got reacquainted with the twisted joy of the games on Adult Swim. My two favorites right now are Pole Dance Party 2 (NSFW even though there's no nudity) which is like Guitar Hero with exotic dancers, and Dungeons & Dungeons (also NSFW), which looks like an old-school Nintendo game where you play a mistress & slave fighting their way through a dungeon party full of sexbots.

I'm also perpetually entertained by the "Five Minutes to Kill Yourself" series...the original, set in an office, is highly amusing if you've ever been a cubicle jockey and wondered if stapling yourself to death was an alternative to one more all-hands meeting. The later versions also include random clown attacks.
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