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Researching My Freak Nation

Some questions for all y'all my beloved gentle freaks: be you nerds/geeks of any stripe, gamers, Rennies, goths, steampunk, kinky, poly, Pagan or other "alternative" spirituality, trans, queer, bi/gay/les, burner, get my drift.

Yes, there is a point to these questions-- they relate to upcoming projects on my docket, both definite and theoretical. Not being more specific than that at the moment because I want more broad-based answers right now. Consider it small-scale, anecdotal market research.

I want to get an idea of:

1) How many events (cons, concerts, festivals, theater shows of any type, club nights, parties, etc) you go to in an average year-- if you're willing to list some of them, even better.

2) If you're willing to disclose it, about how much you think you pay on average in registration/ticket fees for events? Do you seek out group rates, volunteer opportunities, or other measures in order to cut costs? Do you generally expect/want to spend money separately at the event for extras, like shopping at vendors or upgrading/adding on services?

3) What are the factors that push you over the threshold from "huh, that looks cool" to actually paying for a registration/ticket or (if free) making the effort to go?

4) What factors actively prevent you from going to something that you had considered attending? When you do go to something, what things have gotten in the way of you having a good time or made you decide not to come back? What are YOUR obstacles to having a good time (that aren't specific to the event itself)?

While I want to know your opinions about a very broad range of events, I do have a specific interest in what does or doesn't get you to go out to any kind of live performance-- be it a play, a concert, a dance show, a burlesque, a cabaret, performance art, anything where the act of being audience to a live performance is the experience you expect to have.

I'm not screening comments because I'd like to encourage conversation; if you don't want to put something publicly here, feel free to PM me instead. Also, if you have Freak Nation friends who would be willing to offer their insights, feel free to link them here-- leaving this entry public to facilitate sharing.

Thanks everyone!
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