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I can't believe Deb pimped my show before I did!

Thanks, deboranter!

Sheesh...I've been so crazed lately that I haven't managed to do my duly appointed upcoming-show-pimping!

The Winter's Tale
presented by the Rude Mechanicals

Jan. 28, 29 @ 8 PM
DeLaski Theatre at Sitar Arts Center
1700 Kalorama Road, NW
Washington, DC 20009
Buy Tickets

Feb. 4, 5, 11, 12 @ 8PM
Black Box Theatre at Howard County Center for The Arts
8510 High Ridge Road
Ellicott City, MD 21043
Buy Tickets

All Tickets $15 ($12 for seniors and students)

Why you should come see this play:

1) Because I'm playing a very meaty role (Paulina) wherein my job throughout the show is to be a diva artist (big stretch) who shows up, gives everyone a ration of shit, rips the king a new asshole, and stomps off. It's like I'm performing one of my angry rants live in Elizabethan language.

2) I get called several very obscure Shakespearean insults. If you're tired of worn-out expletives like "bitch" or "cockmonger", come get a vocabulary lesson. Bonus: If you say it with a smile, your boss won't know you just insulted her. Unless she was an English major.

3) I do a brief stint as "3rd hippie on the left" in order to participate in a poi-spinning duet. Granted, this will be more impressive to my friends who are NOT spinners themselves, but my partner's vast talent makes us both look good.

4) If you know tompurdue, you get to see him in a mullet wig. It's worth the price of admission. Trust me.

5) This is one of the lesser-done Shakespeare plays, probably because its plot is somewhat problematic (king, in the course of one page, inexplicably has a total mental breakdown and goes from noble lord and loving husband to jealous lunatic, promptly destroying everything good in his life FOR NO REASON), but it is really quite wonderful. I've always thought it had a fairy tale quality to it.

6) 2sick2pray has taken an approach that takes those plot problems and actually turns them from a weakness to a strength in a simple yet incredibly effective way. She drew from other lines in the play to create a prologue in which the queen, Hermione, together with her fiance the Bohemian king Polixenes, visits her friend the artist Paulina. Hermione survived the deaths of her husband and son sixteen years ago, and is now grappling with her grief and with guilt as she prepares finally to marry again. As she contemplates Paulina's statue of her son and painting of her husband, she enters a dreamscape in which she imagines an alternate reality, where King Leontes' jealous rage and her own subsequent death tell a story of her real-life isolation and survivor's guilt. Thus the inconsistencies in the script simply add to the dreamlike sense of personal myth. HOW COOL IS THAT?! This is why I tried out for the play in what would otherwise have been my quiet season, because the concept is just that good.

7) You can see it in DC, where it's Metro accessible and where there are tons of places for us to go drinking afterward. Or you can see it in Howard County, where parking will be better and you don't have to go into the city.

8) This is quite possibly my favorite role that I have played to date. It will mean a lot to me to have friends there to see something I love so much and am so damn proud of.

9) We have less than 600 seats to fill to sell out THE ENTIRE RUN (562, to be exact). There are 15 adults in the cast, I think, plus director and AD, so if we all brought an equal number of people in, we'd bring in 33 people each, roughly. I think that I can drum up 33 people-- or well, 33 seats filled since people occasionally come more than once-- to do my part by the show. That's like 10% of my friends list. Hell, I think I can get 50 seats filled! So please-- prove to me that when I say "50 of my closest friends", I'm not full of shit. =)

10) It's going to be a really good show, plain and simple. Believe me, I've been in some turkeys in my day, and I am honest with my friends if I think the show sucks. Hell, I'm honest with my friends if the show's good and I'm just not in it very much. But this time, I'm in it kind of a lot AND the show is really good. You will have an entertaining night out. Plus, we can go drinking afterward. Can you go drinking with the cast of an expensive professional show? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Spread the word! Bring a date! Bring two dates and try to sit with both of them, Three's Company style! Bring your mom! And the next week, impress your coworkers with how cultured and literate you are when you casually mention that you saw a terrific production of The Winter's Tale over the weekend. (You know those fuckers spent it scratching their asses and watching bass fishing or some shit.)
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