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When Random is settled at work, and I am done with an errand or two and back home, I am so going back to bed.

Didn't get home till 5:30 this morning. SO WORTH IT. Obscura was AWESOME yo. Small posse-- just four of us-- but we had a blast, hit the Broadway Diner after we shut down the club, and it was so so so much fun.

Obscura is highly recommended. Great music, great cross-section of gothiness, and it was big enough to be totally fun but not so crowded that you couldn't dance or move around. Lots of eye candy. Bartender was the coolest. I was not inside two minutes before I started making friends-- it was that kind of vibe, you could just start talking to people and everyone was chill. They even gave out music samplers, just CDs written on in Sharpie and somehow that homegrown look did my little heart good. swandust-- who looked like a regal Goth empress, totally gorgeous-- and her crew did a fantastic job and I think everyone who has a lil' goth in them should check it out. Club Orpheus, second Fridays. Do it. (Sad that BOUND DC is always going to be the same night. But C and I did not get nearly the friendly vibe that I experienced at Obscura last night.)

I totally needed that. I must order my life so that it is easier for me to more regularly be out playing until the wee hours...I feel most myself when I do.

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