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CD Purge

So, I'm being hellaciously productive today, clearing all kinds of stuff out of the house via Freecycle and listing stuff on eBay and such the like. Yay productivity!

Among the items to be purged is a whole bunch of CDs that are too obscure or eclectic for the tastes of the used book store (which also sells used DVDs and CDs but whatever) and that aren't really worth the trouble to list on eBay. I can give them to Goodwill if no one else wants them, but considering that some of y'all share my strange and adventurous musical tastes, I thought I would post them first and see if anyone was interested.

If you're local, I can set them aside to give to you in person. If you're at a distance, I am happy to mail.

All CDs are in good condition with all the original inserts. I'd love to get a buck or two for them, but if you're really interested and really strapped for cash, I will gift them. And again, I'd like to be reimbursed for shipping cost if you want the jewel case too (shipping for that comes to probably $2), but if you want just the CD/inserts in a sleeve and/or you're really strapped, let's talk-- I would mostly like to see these go to people who want them.

Zingaia – “Soles on Earth”

Elizabeth Patterson – “Pengalleon” (Celtic, flute I think)

Irish Pub Songs

Shanon – “Celtic Classics”

Coheed & Cambria – “Live at La Zona Rosa”

Gitane DeMone – “Life in Death ’85-‘89”

Anthony Stewart Head – “Music for Elevators”

Original Cast Recording, “Sherlock Holmes” (yes, this was a musical, by Leslie Bricusse)

Wendy Carlos – “Tales of Heaven & Hell”

Hungry Lucy – “Apparitions”

Jai Uttal – “Music for Yoga and Other Joys”

“Prophecy” (a collection of Native American music)

Global Collective – “Red Sands Dreaming”

Motion Picture Soundtrack, “The Last Mohican” (case is cracked but music is awesome!)

John Richardson – “Celtic Drums”

Masters of Classical Music – Mozart

“Dancing on Your Grave” (a goth compilation from Cleopatra Records)

The Louisville Orchestra – “Two American Ballets” (The Cakewalk Ballet & the Incredible Flutist)

Mory Kante – “Akwaba Beach”

Basia – “London Warsaw New York” (contemporary jazz)

T. Thorn Coyle – “Give Us A Kiss!"

“Cajun Vol. I – Abbeville Breakdown”

Kronos Quartet – “Henryk Gorecki: Already It Is Dusk and Quasi una Fantasia”

Louisiana Repertory Jazz Ensemble – “Hot & Sweet Sounds of Lost New Orleans”

Bix Beiderbacke – “The Ultimate Collection” (30’s era jazz trumpet)

Brent Lewis – “Earth Tribe Rhythms” (pretty awesome drumming)

Sky Cries Mary – “Fresh Fruits for the Liberation”

ETA: Strikethrough items have been claimed!
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