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Remaining CDs from Purge

These CDs are still up for grabs. Per my last post, I would like to get a couple bucks for each plus shipping if you're not local, but if you are really interested in something and also short on cash, talk to me. I'd rather make a gift of something and have it go to a good home than to just dump it at Goodwill where chances are it will never be purchased, my eclectic musical tastes being what they are.

Zingaia – “Soles on Earth”

Elizabeth Patterson – “Pengalleon” (Celtic, flute I think)

Shanon – “Celtic Classics”

Coheed & Cambria – “Live at La Zona Rosa”

Gitane DeMone – “Life in Death ’85-‘89” (goth/torch)

Hungry Lucy – “Apparitions” (goth)

Mory Kante – “Akwaba Beach” (African, upbeat)

Kronos Quartet – “Henryk Gorecki: Already It Is Dusk and Quasi una Fantasia”

Sky Cries Mary – “Fresh Fruits for the Liberation” (alternative)

Everyone who's asked for other titles, I will try to get them shipped by the end of the week. akrissy, I have yours set aside and will hook up with you when you get back from vacation because I failed to ping you last night or tonight.

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