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I'm back-- and I bring auditions with me!

Hi, LJ-land! I know, it's been quite a while since you've heard from me (unless you're also on my Facebook, where I apparently can't shut up...), but you see, I've been a busy little bee getting up to all kinds of fun trouble as usual.

Today I share with you details of auditions for-- drumroll please-- the Capital Fringe Festival show I am co-developing with two other fabulous powerhouse women! I am totally stoked to be going to Fringe again (we're definitely in!) and even more excited to be part of creating something totally new and totally me-- a multimedia history of burlesque, entitled Cupcake Cabaret: A Brief History of Bad Women.

Even if you're not local to DC, not a performer of any kind, or not directly involved in the burlesque scene, please share and pass on to anyone you think might be interested in EITHER auditioning, or attending the auditions as audience. Read on for more!

*MWAH* and love to you all...


Are you a burlesque performer in the Washington, DC metro area interested in engaging new audiences? Are you a student or fan of burlesque who's been dying to actually get up on stage and turn that dream into a reality?

Here, fabulous friends, is a great opportunity for you!

Cupcake Cabaret: A Brief History of Bad Women is a new stage show being created by 4&9 Productions in partnership with The Soundry for the Capital Fringe Festival this summer. It'll be a multimedia history of burlesque, with actual burlesque numbers woven into a story about sisterhood and highlighted with archival footage and photography. We have already been accepted and will receive our performance dates/venue notification in March. (Performances will be in DC between July 12th and 29th.) We are currently auditioning for the show...but our auditions are just a little different than most.

Open auditions will be held on Sunday, February 26th from 6-10 PM at The Red Palace, 1212 H St NE in DC-- one of the premier venues for variety performance in the area. The difference? We're giving you an audience right out of the gate! Each performer who registers to audition will be given a slot in an actual show, and you'll have the opportunity to do one number of your choosing that lets you really strut your stuff. At the end of the show, the audience gets to vote for their favorites, and finalists will be invited to perform at our callbacks on Sunday, March 4th (same time and location). More performer info and signups are here:

The winning performers who are cast in the show will be announced on Thursday, March 8th on The Soundry's Jellyvision show online-- tune in to see!

It's a little bit open mic, a little bit Burlesque Idol, and an awful lot of shenanigans. Even if you can't do the show, come be part of the audience. Your $8 audience ticket gives you something unforgettable to talk about at the office on Monday!

We will be casting three performers in the show, and we welcome all ages, physical types, styles of burlesque, and levels of experience-- we're looking for women (or those presenting as women) who bring the spirit of burlesque and the ability to rock an audience.

Questions? Comment here or feel free to PM me. Hope to see you there!

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