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The Holy Drive-Thru of Lurve

Salsa Dancing With My Confusion

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21 October 1973
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NOTE FOR FEBRUARY 2010: This is the link to my Valentinr post, which hopefully will have a lot of other people's Valentinrs linked in the comments. Feel free to exploit for your own (benevolent) uses and spread the love! My Valentinr post

Some people call me the space cowboy...some call me the gangster of love...some people call me Maurice.

You can call me Bad Kitty.

So is this the part where I say something clever about myself?

Well, I'm 35, a NYC expatriate living for the time being in northern VA, in a house that is something of a cross between a commune, Grand Central Station, and a museum of the weird. I'm a bi-poly-pagan-kinky artist, writer, poet, aspiring filmmaker, freelance goddess, romantic, gaming geek, and all-around proud freak.

I work for a major nonprofit arts venue, which I love. I've done the 48 Hour Film Project a few times and I can often be found staffing for or running programming at Free Spirit Alliance events. I definitely keep busy.

I'm far from a hipster, but I love music passionately, many different kinds, and amass as much of it as I can. I particularly love live music shows, world music, and discovering new musicians. I hoard and cherish books and movies with about the same passion as music. I love Bollywood and animation, fairy tales and forensics mysteries.

I follow a Pagan spiritual path devoted to Love and dedicated to the Divine Wow as the Beloved, a path of my own devising that I have dubbed sacred romance or (slightly tongue in cheek) Romancy, heavily influenced by Hinduism and Sufism; I call myself a "kitchen mystic" instead of a kitchen witch. I'm blessed with a wide circle of truly wonderful friends, many of whom live close by. I am endlessly fascinated by people and love making new friends, both near to me and far flung (thus giving me more excuses to travel!) My life is not always easy or quiet or readily figured out, but it's colorful and surprising and oddly (VERY oddly) beautiful in its messiness and quirks. As of a couple of years ago, I survived a long battle with depression. Though now and then I still struggle to manage my moods, on the whole I have found peace and happiness and a renewed hunger for life. And now, I wouldn't trade my existence for anything.

How's that for starters?

March '06 Edit: Yes, this is the home of the now-infamous Nice Guy Rant. It, the Bi Chicks rant, and other well-received non-"what I had for lunch today" entries are archived in my Memories, so if you like my writing, that's a good place to find what I think is among the more interesting stuff on this LJ.

I've refocused this LJ to try to write articles, essays, rants, and other stuff of general interest for public consumption, and to friends-lock more of the ordinary life stuff.

Generally speaking, I allow and even encourage people to link back to entries they enjoyed or email the link to friends-- no need to request permission for that, as long as you're making it clear that I'm the author. If you want to use my writing in any other way, please drop me a line. I'm pretty agreeable about sharing my work, but I retain all rights to my work here and want to know and choose what I'm agreeing to.

You're also welcome to friend me-- I appreciate comments of introduction but I don't get hung up about being asked if it's ok to friend me. I usually friend people back, but I tend to update my flist in spurts so it sometimes takes me a while.

Thanks for dropping by!

Official NaNoWriMo 2005 Participant

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