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The screening happened tonight. It was AWESOME.

My peeps were representin' with the red clothes. W00t! Turned out our group was really the only one making a spectacle of ourselves for promotional purposes, but I think we amused people. And *damn* were we visible!

I think people really liked our film. They laughed, they applauded, they catcalled prehensile_wit when she was working the stair rail like a pro. They even got why the lead guy was shooting pool with the bridge, and laughed! Man, it was soooooo cool.

I got a picture of the "Sold Out" sign out front. I think I'm going to want to savor that.

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight, especially those not involved in its production-- you all rock my world!

Now that the screening has actually happened, I can let out that breath I've been holding since the weekend...
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48HFP Filmmaker's Blog

The 48HFP website has a blog for competition filmmakers here: http://www.48hourfilm.com/dc/blog.php

I've written my story-of-our-film there, but because there isn't a way to link to my specific entry, you can read the text under the cut, below. If you go to the 48HFP blog, though, and scroll to the bottom you'll see Del's entry about the funniest moment we had on set.


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The aftermath...

I'm not going to post very much right now, because I'm still at Del's and real soon now I need to get up and start working on a major sweep of the house so that Random and I are able to load out of here in time to get home for ausir's game that Random is in (which I assume is still running despite the condition of several of the people involved) and also to give our gracious hosts some alone time when Ninja comes home from work. I'm still operating under the delusion that I'll find and compile all or most of the stuff that people left behind and/or that I myself brought.

Having had a good night's sleep preceded by some great late-night conversation, enough McDonald's to choke a horse (thank you again, Balth), and a girly martini with a crazy straw, I'm feeling fairly at peace with the world.

In case there's anyone left on my flist who hasn't heard and cares, Team Redheaded Stepchildren met our goal. We finished our film, and it was a good film that everyone felt good about, and we delivered it in time to be guaranteed our showing on Wednesday. More importantly, we succeeded in wrangling what turned out to be an enormous team of mostly non-filmmakers into a pretty efficient group effort, and despite the stresses and tension flareups and stumbling blocks, we managed to have a good time and to pull it off. I think we had an experience that a lot of people are going to remember as something pretty awesome and magical in their lives, and I can't express how grateful and impressed I am that so many people came out and worked so hard and didn't complain and stayed excited.

We did not make the 48 hour deadline, though, which means we aren't eligible to compete. On sort of a meta level, the *idea* of not being up for prizes kinda sucks. However, what I want to emphasize mostly to the people who worked with us is that we DID NOT FAIL. Right from the start, the bar I set for us was to *finish*-- not to win anything. To me, at least, it was more important that we turned out a film we felt good about, and that we made it in time to get screened so that we could have the joy of seeing our names up on the screen in big letters. And we did that, and for a team at our level, that's HUGE.

Part of the reason Del and I agreed to make the call at some point and say, deliberately, screw the deadline and let's finish it right is that had we decided to throw everything into finishing on time, not only would the film have looked rushed and incomplete, but there was a good chance we'd have encountered the natural recalcitrance of technology under pressure (which we did, a bit, anyway). Had we ended up with some weird glitch or something that made us miss the deadline at that point *anyway*, I think it would have been incredibly disappointing. It would have been nice to compete, but we were well aware that we were up against some very professional teams and many of whom had done this competition before (many times in some cases). Realistically, there was a slim chance we'd have gotten one of the smaller prizes if anything, and in my opinion it wasn't worth pinning our hopes on.

Another bit of perspective: According to the organizers, 78 films were turned in my deadline, and *19* are being screened but came in too late to compete. Knowing that 20% of the films are in the same boat as we are sort of gives you an idea how hard it actually is to complete something like this in 48 hours.

So, I'm sticking to my "first Rocky movie" metaphor. =)

I feel good right now. I mean, I'm still tired, and achy, and a whole bunch of real-life crap that I managed to push off last week is staring me in the face and demanding attention, and I don't want to think about what needs to be cleaned up and whether I have any clean clothes left. But I've been reading some wonderful LJ entries from some of the folks that worked with us on this, and it's making me feel great to see how enthusiastic and happy so many people are, coming off such a stressful weekend. We did good, and I'm glad that people are generally seeing that instead of being discouraged. I'm not sure Life is going to give me all that much of a break this week, but whatever I manage to get, I have definitely earned.

I have a lot more thoughts, more stories, more things I want to post. Lots more to express. But it's gonna have to wait a bit for now.

In the meantime, *please* keep posting your thoughts and stories if you were part of this with us. I really, really love reading about them.

And if you can, please come to our screening at the *********9:30******** showing of DC 48HFP films at the AFI Silver in Silver Spring, MD on ***THIS WEDNESDAY THE 10TH***. Team Redheaded Stepchildren encourages our peeps to show up wearing red, at least a red shirt, if you can. I encourage non-redheads to wear redhead wigs, if you have access to one, and goofy is just as good as realistic. Formalwear is absolutely fine but in no way required. We can try to all sit together and be a sea of red in the theater, making our rowdy presence known.

Tickets are available online here. There is a decent chance they will sell out, so buy at the door at your own risk.
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48 Hour Film Project Donations

Just a reminder that Team Redheaded Stepchildren is still seeking donations to help offset our production costs this weekend in the 48 Hour Film Project! Friday is the Big Day, so if you are planning to contribute, please clicky here:

...or ping me or Del about alternative methods. Please make sure you note something about filmmaking or the 48HFP or Redheaded Stepchildren in the subject line, so I know what it's for!

And if you are following the Deboranter Queen of Frogs Competition, you should know that right now deboranter's still breathing pretty easy. ;-) If you want to make her sweat, make sure you specifically mention Deboranter or frogs in your contribution or it won't count towards that, just towards the film.

For contributions in general (including, but not limited to, the Deb fund), the structure remains:

$10 or more guarantees you a copy of the film on DVD, and our vast gratitude
$25 or more guarantees your name mentioned in thanks in the credits
$50 or more gets you an Executive Producer credit and also any crew swag we come up with.
All contributors are invited to join the cast and crew Sunday evening at around 7pm for the wrap party (location/etc details to be emailed to those folks).

Contributions cover things like gas, office expenses, equipment rentals, and feeding the cast and crew.

Thank you!
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We've gotten our scheduled slot for the screening of our 48 Hour Film Project entry!

It will be in the 9:15 PM session on Wednesday, May 10th, at the AFI Silver in Silver Spring, MD. Tickets will be available online (I will post a link as soon as they list it on the site).

Del and I would LOVE to have a big contingent out to support Redheaded Stepchildren's film, which many of our friends are now involved in as well! Please consider coming out to see my very first film, and voting for us as one of your Audience Favorite picks, and cheering for us. =)
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Location, location, location!

On the topic of filming...

We are scouting locations for our 48HFP entry. Since we won't have a script until the Friday night of the contest, we won't know *exactly* what locations we're going to need. So what we're doing is getting permission to film at a variety of places, which will give us some flexibility in scriptwriting, but knowing ahead of time that we will ultimately need only a couple of those places.

Here's where I need help. It is almost definite that we will base the production out of Germantown, MD. Our locations really need to be fairly close to that-- I would say traveling more than a half hour is right out, and 10-15 minutes would be a fair upper range. (I'd consider making an exception for a really unique or perfect location, but it's not likely.)

I'm not terribly familiar with much of Maryland-- I know where my friends live, and that's about it. So what I need are suggestions for interesting locations in the area. If you have links with pictures, so much the better. If you have a personal contact with the owner/manager and are willing to ask them if they'd talk to us about it, that would be even better.

We will definitely be looking for:

--An office (cube farm or smaller office both ok)
--A restaurant/cafe (I have an idea or two, but suggestions still quite welcome)
--A studio (IOW, a fairly bare space that can be dressed)
--A retail store
--An apartment/house (we can probably film at the Dojo, but alternate locations are good to have)

I tend to think that independent businesses might be more receptive to this kind of thing than big chains, but I'm just guessing.

Other types of locations-- the kind that I don't quite know where to start looking because I don't know the area-- could include:

--Particularly picturesque and/or sprawling park areas
--Nightclubs or dive bars
--Recreational areas-- pools, minigolf, carnival or carousel type things, arcades, etc
--Historical sites, particularly with old buildings preserved on them
--Cavernous, unfinished basements or wine cellars
--Any place that looks generically old or old-fashioned
--Bowling lanes, tennis courts, gyms, pool halls

You get the idea. Any thoughts?
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Attain Movie Immortality!

...well, sort of. =)

Del's and my team, Redheaded Stepchildren, seeks cash contributions to fund our entry in the DC 48 Hour Film Project.

Understand that this is a micro-budget film project on which no one is getting paid, and the 4-7 minute film that results will potentially get some festival exposure and probably have a much longer shelf life as "that cool project I was involved in that I can show relatives and friends", or part of our professional reels for those cast & crew who hope to get paid to do this someday.

Funds will go towards budget items like craft services (food), equipment rentals, gas reimbursement, copies & office expense, and possibly costumes, makeup, or effects.

Donors of $10 or more are guaranteed a copy of the finished film on DVD.
For $25 or more, you will get a mention in the credits.
For $50 or more, you will get a credit as an Executive Producer, plus any crew swag (t-shirt, hat, logo punchbowl) we create for the project, assuming we do.

All contributions, needless to say, get our eternal gratitude. And if we actually manage to plan a wrap party of any sort for the cast & crew, you will also be invited to it.

You can PayPal a contribution here (ETA: Please note on the PayPal form that it is for the DC 48HFP or Redheaded Stepchildren):

...or if you're not a PayPal type, you can ping me or Del to work out a transfer method you're more comfortable with.

And hey, being able to say you're an Executive Producer gets you chicks. ;-) Or so I hear is how it works in Hollywood. Anyway, come make movie history* with us!

*possibly a minor footnote in an obscure Armenian publication type history, but history nonetheless.
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Redheaded Stepchildren Update/Wisdom from DC Film Salon

Just a little update about where we're at with Redheaded Stepchildren and the DC 48 Hour Film Project.

Del and I have been working hard to get organized and to do as much as we can to prepare beforehand, so that we can all hit the ground running come the weekend of May 5th!

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As part of our team assembly, I went to the DC Film Salon (http://www.dcfilmsalon.com/) meeting at the Warehouse Theater in DC for their monthly meeting. (Incidentally, if you're looking for a small theater/reading/screening venue, the Warehouse is a nice little space. A bit threadbare, but in a charming way! http://www.warehousetheater.com/index.php)

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So that's the state of the Stepchildren right now. Watch this space for more updates as we get closer to runtime!