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Patriotic winged heart

Holy Crapatoodles...

...but I'm wiped.

There was a little tiny part of me that thought that I might stay up after grocery shopping, just long enough to finish the floors in the hallways and the steps. I don't think that's going to happen.

I am SO going to have to set an alarm for tomorrow or I will never get up.

Great progress was made today. I didn't make it out to the grocery store till almost 2 AM, but my cunning plan worked-- Larp_tech and I might have been the only shoppers in the whole store, just about, and we more or less zipped up and down all the aisles and then did not have to wait in line to pay.

The checkout guy, who was really nice (as, I've noticed, are most of the employees there), asked if we left anything in the store for anyone else to buy. We said nope, screw 'em, they had their chance. =)

So as usual, there will be an absolute ton of food, which is good since I think we are expecting more people this year than ever before. I've got exotic marinades. I've got fresh fruit out the wazoo. I've got chocolate for the dessert fondue. I've got CHEESE!

Larp_tech seemed to suggest tonight that I might have raised the production values on this party quite a bit. You think?

And yet, I am still calm. I feel like, even though there's still a tremendous amount to do, I've pretty much got a handle on what needs to get done. Everyone's working hard, and this year I think we knew how to plan this better than last year. Still, shouldn't I be freaking out, massively stressed, and near tears by this point...? I do think that having all the shopping done tonight (except for the liquor run, which should be quick, and a few miscellaneous things I need from the party store tomorrow) is helping tremendously towards keeping me sane. Or at least on an even keel.

There is definitely a part of me that thrives on this kind of massive event planning. If I could find a way to do it without having to do all the cleaning that goes with it, I would love it long time.