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Beady goodness!

BossMan had an "offsite" today so I was able to leave work early...trotted on up to Tyson's Corner as Beadazzled had a couple of books I've been wanting (am trying to get back in the jewelry-design groove as I am thinking of listing a few things on Etsy to see how they do) and I thought I might browse Lane Bryant too.

Well...I couldn't bring myself to do any clothes shopping after Beadazzled, because Beadazzled was having a heap big sale. One glance at a table piled with gemstone strands priced 50% off and I was lost.

Actually, I did show *some* restraint; I know enough now to know what strands were still overpriced with the discount, and I put aside some of the more common stones that *were* a good deal because I know I can usually get a good deal on them from one of my regular sources.

But, they had...AMBER.

I bought as much as I could justify, because it is so difficult to find anything besides tiny amber chips at a good price; ended up with one exceedingly long strand of nuggets and large chips for about $35, and a few strands of small rounds in both gold and red amber. Woot! I doubt I'd be able to do better at the bead show in fall, which is why I focused entirely on amber and put everything else back.

Beadazzled also now stocks rudrakshas and *really* fragrant sandalwood beads. I can do better on the rudrakshas by ordering them from India, even with shipping costs, but it's good to know they're there if I need some in a pinch.

Not too much else going on for me personally right now...have some thoughts I may want to ramble about later, but for now I'm going to get away from the computer.
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