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I honestly don't know why I felt that I needed to go into work today. Half the office, including BM, was "working from home" and BM's reply to anyone who said they were coming in late or working from home was "stay home and go sledding!" More like stay home and go mudding at this point, but whatevah. Plus, the network was down.

So I had my coffee, put in my face time, and bailed around lunch to go do a couple of errands and come home to get stuff done. Having a late lunch now, and basking in the fact that NO ONE ELSE IS HOME. Except the animals. And they are behaving.

Updated plans for the next week or two:

--This Sunday, 12/11: Going to the DC Revels for the 2pm show! I just got my tix yesterday (yeah, I know) and though there weren't a ton left, there were still some, especially in the $18 section. Random and I will be in UU 101-103, if you feel inclined to come and want to sit near us. I'll be there with a group but we'll be scattered in the theater. It's an awesome show-- you should come!

--Weds., 12/14: Going to the PostSecret benefit opening exhibit in DC. Will probably get dinner out. Am open to making plans to meet up with folks.

--Fri., 12/16: Still going to Equisol. I'm going with someone, but I encourage people to go in general because it's going to be some mad awesome energy in there! Great music, Solstice energy, cool pagan peeps, probably shopping, what more can you ask for?

--Sat., 12/17: I feel that there is something going on this day that I cannot quite remember. Had also contemplated going for holiday jazz & wine tasting at Tarara, but am not decided yet.

--Sun., 12/18: By default, this is the winner for the pre-Christmas day I will hit Eastern Market. I would have liked to do it earlier, but as usual I'll be doing most of my shopping in the last couple of weeks before the holiday. I'd love to get brunch and carpool with anyone who's interested-- serious shopping makes the Metro impractical for this.

Tomorrow, I attempt to clean and get decorations up. I WILL have a tree this year, dammit.

rudolfrassen is awesome, yo. He found me the animation short "Balance"! Thanks, Happy Elf! You rock!!

This new icon is courtesy of evcelt, just because he wuvs me. This isn't going to be nearly as funny if you didn't hear me read the last chapter of my NaNo novel, but I think it's amusing on its own, and the Celt also rocks!

Among the things I love about this season:

--Coffee creamer, ice cream, Ghirardelli chocolates, and overpriced coffee drinks all come in special holiday flavors, like peppermint, which is one of my favorite flavors ever.
--Entenmann's holiday cupcakes
--The awesome decorations in stores and malls and in town centers
--The way the craft store smells
--A great excuse to wear red, like I really need one
--Christmas specials!! Heat Miser, baby!
--Eggnog...oh, the eggnog...
--The holiday episodes of my favorite shows

It's the simple things.

All righty, gotta stop screwin' around and get back to stuff...
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