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Quick break...

Since, you know, I apparently can't thrive these days without working at some kind of deadline...

Trying very busily to finish up projects for the craft fair Saturday. Tonight's focus has been incense blending, tho I have a couple of jewelry projects in progress too that I want to try to finish. I managed to round up a whole bunch of cute little jar/bottles with corks; just have to figure out how to label them.

The incense roster includes:

--Purification (for clearing a space of negativity): Smells kind of spicy-fresh, a little heavier on the star anise than I originally intended, but still quite nice and the powder itself is very white from the copal blanco;

--Yuletide: It smells like Christmas, no other way to put it. The resin base is frankincense and myrrh, but I added several spices and orange peel to give it a yummy, baked-goods kind of smell;

--Fast Luck: A variation on the hoodoo oil recipe, adapted for incense

Trying to decide on either Passion, or Peace next. Doubt I'll manage both. And I would like to give them all clever names, if I can think of some.

Still exploding with ideas, both for incense and jewelry...wish I could have another month till Christmas at least! I haven't gotten around to my bead-making experiments although I have what I need for them.

My works in progress include a pair of choker length necklaces, one in blue goldstone (bluestone?) with silver, clear faceted glass, and glass pearls with a moon face pendant; and a matched design in goldstone with yellow/gold faceted glass and gold and three little sun face pendants. I almost want to keep them, I like the designs so much. =) But I think they will look striking, displayed side by side.

Back to work!
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Beady Goodness

Since I got done writing last night, I finally plunged tonight into another obsession-- beading. Specifically, working on projects for the craft fair on the 10th. It's good to have a *reason* to make jewelry (I can't possibly wear all the stuff I want to make) and I am curious to see how my stuff sells. Whatever's left after the fair is going up that night on Etsy.

My hope is that I can gradually turn some of my crafting obsessions into self-perpetuating cycles; I don't expect to ever get rich off of them, but if I can sell stuff regularly enough that 1) I send stuff into the world instead of just collecting tons of it here, and 2) I make back some bucks to defray the cost of supplies-- I will be fine with that.

I finally had to give up for the night, though. The fingers are willing but the eyes say, "What, do you want to be fucking blind and/or crosseyed by the time you're 40? Go to bed!"

So far, I have a lovely necklace/bracelet/earrings set with some neat little goddess-shaped beads as focal points, framed by amber, green and peach aventurine, and silver. I am partway through a three-strand necklace made in the style of those delicate necklaces where the beads are free-floating on thin wire. Only those are usually glass beads, and mine is tiger's eye and gold-plated beads. (Had to do SOMETHING with the five sizes of luscious tiger's eye I've accumulated!)

I am so full of ideas and inspiration that it's hard to focus on one thing at a time-- an issue compounded by the fact that I now have enough supplies that just about any design idea I could possibly come up with, I can pull out decent materials for. (Gods I love the bead show.) If I have time this weekend I'll be experimenting with making paper beads; next week's experiment is photo-transfer beads onto translucent polymer clay. I'm working on a design for rose quartz prayer beads for those fighting breast cancer (will donate proceeds to Komen Foundation), and I've got a rough design for a lacy choker in pearl and garnet. I'll probably do a few of those spiral memory-wire bracelets, loaded with beads, because whenever I wore the one tazira made for me years ago, I always got loads of compliments and frequent offers to buy it off my wrist.

I'm experimenting with beaded wire crochet. It's intriguing, though I don't think I entirely have the hang of it yet. In another crossover, I'm tossing around ideas for multi-strand necklaces on yarn and ribbon. And I have an idea for a Mardi Gras/NOLA design using amethyst, malachite, gold, and fleur-de-lis charms (if I pull it off, proceeds will go to a NOLA charity). Might use blue goldstone with silver spacers and/or clear crystal with a moon pendant to make a "starry night" necklace.

Too many ideas! I feel like that character in "Sandman" whose punishment for kidnapping/raping a Muse was to have a never-ending stream of inspiration. Not really complaining; just wish I had more beading time.
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