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The future of our country: A preview

Via Pandagon, I found this story: Teenage boys executed in Iran for homosexual acts

Two boys, hung because they had sex with each other. This followed an imprisonment of 14 months, 228 lashes each, and most likely torture to make them confess to their "crime".

Look at those photos in the link-- the chilling primitivism of hoods and gallows, the misery and despair on the faces of the boys. Look hard, because that's the REAL face of religious fundamentalism.

(Yes, I said RELIGIOUS. In this case it was Islamic fundamentalism. But don't think that the Christian fundamentalists in this country wouldn't gladly, eagerly, HAPPILY submit American gays and lesbians and bi's and transfolk to exactly the same treatment, or worse. Those fucking sadists ultimately care about nothing but usurping power through the torture, murder, and degradation of other human beings. Look at the people who are glad that Matthew Shepard was beaten to death. Fundamentalism=evil and it really pretty much doesn't matter WHICH religion is being trampled to shit by zealots.)

There was so much beauty, so much art and innovation and scholarship, that once grew out of Middle Eastern cultures. There is so much about those cultures that is still beautiful. How do great civilizations become such filthy cesspools, such backwards barbarian shitholes where the powerful people hate everyone else so much? How do you fix that? How do you convince people to change when they eagerly embrace evil? How do you protect the innocent and oppressed while bringing down the putrid oppressors?(And don't tell me "we're working on that now" because all we've done is make everything worse in that part of the world, at the same time that we're incubating the exact same kind of culture here.)

It's not like I didn't know that Islamic nations did stuff like this, so I don't know exactly why this article is affecting me as strongly as it is. Maybe it's the picture of them in the cell or truck or whatever it is, handcuffed together, crying or having been crying...it's too easy to think about how terrified they must be. How much they probably suffered over the past year. And for an act of *love*.

There is apparently a choice of punishment for instances of gay sex in Iran: hanging, stoning, halving by a sword, or being dropped from a great height. Well, isn't that fucking generous of them.

Gods, it makes me sick. Pass the red beer, honey, 'cause Mama's gettin' the urge to go dance in the blood of fundie murderers.