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Pulp Butch

Lovely visit...

(Can I just note how awesome it is that LJ does autosaved drafts now?)

Baby Bro and L. are long on their way home now, probably already there. I am enjoying a quiet and even somewhat clean house, although I have to use Teddy's computer because something is massively wrong with mine. My feet ache and my legs are sore from walking, but I feel pleasantly exerted and peaceful and thoughtful now.

It was so great having the two of them here, even if the visit turned out to be a bit of a whirlwind. They had a really great time, and the enthusiasm with which they said so made me very happy. They really want to come back down again sometime and of course I want to go up there to visit too. Next time, I promised them more downtime and that I would cook for them.

One side benefit of having them here is that the boost in spirits I got from the last couple of days has helped me bounce back from this cold. I'm almost, almost over it now.

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I was sorry to see Baby Bro and L. go, but it will be nice to have some time to just chill out, watch tv, eat whatever, and sleep in without worrying about a plan for the day tomorrow. I might soak in the tub tonight, or watch a movie and do some crocheting. So nice to have a quiet night...

Just Ramblin'

Feeling a good deal better today...Baby Bro & his girlfriend are here, and tonight at dinner I tasted my food for the first time in almost a week! Wahoo!

The house isn't as clean as I'd have liked to get it...could barely get the living room and dining room in order at all, and our mop has vanished, so the tiled and wood floors are embarrassing. But I had to give up eventually, and at *least* I got the bathroom sparkling again. Still not feeling great today-- on top of the congestion, and the coughing I was already dealing with, pushing myself to clean was making me cough fit to choke to death. And last night I just *could not* fall asleep. I literally lay in bed trying to settle down enough to do more than occasionally doze for 8 1/2 hours. I'd have just gotten up and done something, but I was trying really hard to make sure I got enough rest.

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We talked gaming for a bit-- L. isn't a gamer herself (except for video games, for which she's a fiend) but she actually had friends who LARP before she met my brother so she gets it. (She is SUCH a keeper!) We talked about mutual friends who are now in Brassy's, and conversation turned to the first game Random and I worked on, Sic Semper Tyrannis.

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As we are a laid-back foursome when it comes to plans, we're being fairly casual about Doing Stuff. They seem to mostly want to have fun and not stress too much, and I'm so on board with that. Tomorrow during the day it looks like we will be going to the Udvar Hazy, which I have not yet been todespite being practically within spitting distance. L. perked right up when she heard the words "Air and Space Museum", and I suspect even if Baby Bro hated the idea, his indulgence of her and desire to make her happy are so great that he'd gladly go along anyway. It's so damn cute. I claim some small credit for it, too, since I frequently took the opportunity in my brothers' childhood to attempt to teach them to be respectful and gallant towards women. They learned quickly and used to offer me their arms in gentlemanly fashion as we walked into church, even when they were too little for me to quite be able to take their arms properly. Awww! Damn I love my little brothers. They are so awesome.

Anyway, we will probably come home and chill out for a while after the U-H, maybe have dinner at home, then drive up to Dave & Buster's. I think I still have a ton of points on my old card if I can find it, and L.'s eyes lit up again when I said "arcade for grownups". I'm sure it'll be insane there, but whatever.

Saturday is likely to be a trip to Baltimore for the afternoon, because Baby Bro made the eminently practical observation that if we go in separate cars, they can leave from there and shave some time off their trip home. Thinking of dragging them to the Visionary Art Museum. Thinking I want crabmeat, too.

On a side note, it's a shame that the 48 Hour Film Festival is occurring simultaneously with the VAM Kinetic Sculpture Race through Inner Harbor. Ah well, maybe next year.

On a side note further afield, I have decided it would be a high point in my career if I were ever to be able to produce or direct a Tenacious D video.

That is all.