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Patriotic winged heart

Today In Party News

I am so tired today. And having rainstorms outside isn't helping...I just want to curl up and drift off to sleep with thunder for a lullabye.

Quick public announcement re: the party this weekend-- this is a shout out to recruit a few helpers to come by Saturday evening, say around 8ish. I don't need very many people, probably six at the very most, just for a few hours. I'll order in some takeout for dinner for everyone. What I need is just some help with food prep and putting up decorations and light setup like that-- don't worry, I'm not going to make anyone scrub floors. Who doesn't live with me, anyway. ;-)

I had this kind of help last year and it made a huge difference and I think it was actually kinda fun. Let me know if you're willing to swing by.

Also, I'm scouting some loaner stuff for the party:

--A couple of extra coolers (either that I can get from you beforehand somehow or if you are coming to the party close to its start time)
--A portable CD player that plays well and can sit on the back deck for music out back (the one I bought last year went to live with Jesus and our other one tends to be temperamental)
--DVD's of lighthearted patriotic/Americana movies, particularly "1776", "Yankee Doodle Dandy", the American History segments of "Schoolhouse Rock", "This Is The Army"...other suggestions welcome. Nothing overtly partisan, violent, or depressing, please.

Feh. Can't think anymore. And now must go finish menu planning and start the night's cleaning spree.